A fishy tale

Just so you don’t think I’ve stopped making quirky animals, I thought I’d share my latest creation:

Woolly fish

Woolly fish

This jellyfish was made using a pattern written by Jenny of Simply Hooked. I offered to test out her instructions. I love the pattern, so easy to follow, although I misread a couple of bits, so if you made it properly your jellyfish will not look exactly like this!

Anyway, please let Jenny know if you’d like her to market the pattern – she’s not sure, but I really think it would sell well!

By-the-way, the yarn I used was left over from Pauline’s water dragon, Arthur, so quite appropriate really!



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  1. Looks like an Australian Bluebottle Jellyfish! What’s it doing floating in an English Limery instead of tropical waters…?

  2. That looks like it was fun to make. I am still in love with Pauline’s dragon though. Since I don’t knit, I can’t comment on the pattern. I wish her the best with the pattern. 🙂

  3. Much much better than a real jellyfish. Cuddly looking. Every beach house should have one!

  4. I love the beach house colours – but I do think it looks lonely by itself!

  5. Oh i love my Arthur!! Orlando quite likes him too – they share the top of the bookshelf space of an evening. Kitty snoozes in the warm and Arthur peers curiously over the edge down into Siddy’s bed where he can now and again be found snoozing between bouts of fetch, or cuddles, or looking for snacks……. That is an awfully large looking woolly jellyfish – it might eat my boys alive! I’m not a jellyfish lover but maybe others are?


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