In the green

I know that you are probably sick of seeing pictures of the limery, but it was so long coming, that I still can’t quite believe it’s complete and that the plants in there are growing so well. There are now tomatoes, peppers and chillies fruiting (although all green) and the passionflower has put on about 20 cm in height since it arrived.

I promise to stop obsessing about it eventually, but it is making me SO happy right now!

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  1. I don’t think I could ever get sick of limery updates! I’m so glad that it’s bringing you so much happiness! 😀

  2. Obsess all you want, it’s beautiful!

  3. Don’t stop obsessing, it’s nice to see the changes in plants when they happen. Those tomatoes look to be coming on well. On a sandwich with a little vinegar, Mmmmm.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Its not an obsession, merely a healthy interest, I mean you are growing food – GROWING FOOD lol

  5. Triffids! Obsess away, I love seeing your Limery and it’s inhabitants.

  6. Be happy – share happy! It all helps make the world a better place 🙂 I am LOVING watching those pristine white shelves slowly disappear under a plethora of pots and growing greenness – and soon the pretty blue walls will be covered with growing and creeping greens too. It will always be a summer’s day in your Limery! 🙂

  7. What’s wrong with a little obsession, especially when the subject is as worthwhile as the Limery? I’m enjoying it vicariously, so keep it up!

  8. Oh heavens, don’t mind us! We’re as excited as you are about the limery (and now I’ve typed that enough that it wasn’t auto-corrected). Keep showing us the goodies. Into the winter…

  9. I can only agree with all the comments above ~ don’t stop!

  10. I think you have a unanimous vote in favour of more Limery updates, so keep ’em coming! What types of chili are you growing in there?

  11. Sharon

     /  August 12, 2015

    For my part I certainly hope you will not stop updating us on the limery, I am looking forward to reading about your late-season veg in the fall and winter!

  12. To bastardise a quote from the anorexic queen of style “You can never have enough hats, shoes and limery images” 🙂

  13. You earned the right to obsess! Go for it–and keep sharing the photos!

  14. it is wonderful! ❤

  15. I tried to go back to find earlier pix of your limery (what I think we call a greenhouse) but couldn’t access them– here’s why. Wondering how the bees get inside to pollinate your tomatoes. Is there a window in the roof? I am very inspired by your set-up. Maybe one day, we can have something similar!


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