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Increasingly I discover people who read this blog, but who never leave a comment. Hello to all of you!

A good spread

Come and join the party!

I know that one of the issues is that, to comment, you either have to have a WordPress blog or give some of your details, and many of you don’t want to do this. So, as an alternative, I have set up a Facebook page for the blog (and perhaps more). In theory, a link to each blog post should appear on the page as soon as it is published. If you have a Facebook account, you can leave any comments there. I also have a Twitter account (@thesnailofhappy) and links to all my posts automatically appear there too – and can be commented on (briefly). To follow me on Twitter, simply click on the link on the right.

If you want to join in with the conversation and already make use of one of these forms of social media, where’s no need to share your details with WordPress.

I really hope this means that I’ll hear the thoughts of more of you out there.

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  1. Great idea – I hope it produces good results. I know I have a lot of people who follow and look, but say nothing. Others still constantly check in but don’t follow – I have one in Indonesia who puts in the same tag word each time! I don’t much like Facebook or Twitter, but if they work and open dialogues you’d otherwise miss out on, they’re being useful. Good luck!

    • I always post a link to my blog on my personal FB page, but because of my privacy settings, only my friends see that and I realised that having a public page might open things up a bit more. There are people who only use FB, so I hope they will feel more included now.

  2. Called on by to visit you on FB off to stalk you on twitter lol

  3. That’s a great idea – I know that there will always be people who read and don’t comment, but it is great to have some dialogue!

  4. I hope this works for you. I only go to facebook once a week or so to check on my crazy family. I sure don’t want anyone else to know we are related. 😦 They have a one sentence attention span. I try to leave a comment when I can but sometimes there is nothing sensible that I can add so I just click like so you know I have stopped by and read your post. I’m usually brain dead then and can’t put a sentence together anymore 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to hearing if it works.

  5. I don’t always leave a comment, but I do always read.

  6. Some people love the anonymity that social media gives you. The ability to just watch from the wings without having to actually interact is now completely possible. I comment on a fair few of the blogs that I follow but I have a lot of food blogs that I just check out to see if I like the recipes and don’t comment. I rarely comment if I see the person has more comments than I can scroll down to find the comment box.

    • I agree – I know from comments in poerson and elsewhere that some of my readers would like to join in the comments, but did not want to sign up to yet another thing… hopefully this will help them. Often on other blogs I do just read and not comment, but it’s nice to have the opportunity.

  7. I guess we all get read and not left a like or a comment. I know I do it. My stats page tells me it happens to my posts. I assume it’s because it either isn’t what they expected or were looking for, they don’t ‘like’ it or they simply don’t have time to give feedback. Tick all of the above in my case……. Also I do have a pet peeve: I stop giving comments if I don’t get responded to. I think it’s rude. it’s like greeting someone in the street and having them look in the other direction. I don’t use fb much myself anymore – I don’t like the way it is ‘organised’ I pop in once or maybe twice a day and whatever I am allowed to see I see and I check in with family. My own ‘Contented Crafter’ page has been languishing unloved since I sent you your painting 🙂 This long comment sounds slightly peevish to me – I didn’t mean it to be. Sorry! Need coffee. Good luck Jan – let us know how you get on. xo

    • I get lots of comments on my personal FB page in response to my blog posts, but of course they can only be seen by my friends… this should allow some more interaction with I woder audience.
      I do agree about not getting responses to comments… I know it’s hard when you bet a lots of comments, but I think that it is only polite to try to respond some of the time… otherwise, just don’t allow any comments! In fact, for me, part of the joy of blogging is the dialogue and the friends that I make that way.

  8. I think we all pretty much have the no-comment visitors…i know my stats sometimes show up to 40 visitors a day….i wonder who these people are. I know a couple of them, they’re the ones with WordPress and blogger doesn’t co-operate with them to let them comment, but they email to say they’ve read my blog. I only use Fb to access the few groups I belong to, administer or support in some way, I don’t like it enough to have a page, public or private. I agree with CC above, leaving a comment and not receiving any sort of acknowledgement peeves me, I don’t usually go back. ….apologies here to anyone I might have inadvertently ignored, it’s like emails, sometimes I reply in my head and forget to do the real thing! good luck with your Fb page idea Jan, I shall pop by and ‘like’ you. Oh that’s something else, it would be good if we could ‘like’ blog posts, just so the writer knows who’s been, sometimes I enjoy a post but there’s so many comments saying all the same things, I feel it’s a bit reduntant to add my few same words….. a ‘like’ button would solve that.

  9. Hope this gets more interaction. I don’t do Facebook, but I’m already following you on Twitter I read some posts and don’t comment, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes interested, but not really passionate about something. Sometimes other commenters have said it all or sometimes they seem angry. sometimes I don’t have time to be thoughtful, so just like. Good luck.

  10. I look and read quite a few blogs but often don’t comment. So g’day! ❤

  11. Just saying hi from the Homestead 🙂

  12. Sorry Jan, I’m one of the guilty ones! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you resolve ethical difficulties. You have so many articulate followers who have often said exactly what I’m feeling so I don’t want to comment just for the sake of it. Thanks for the post about the fruit market, I hadn’t been recently so went there last week with a visitor who was very impressed!

  13. I read evert post and I have liked your posts, but I don’t know if I have ever commented!


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