Hats off!

The International Permaculture Convergence provided me with the opportunity to have my first ‘real’ stall selling my knitting and crochet. Importantly, I felt that this was likely to be a receptive audience and, indeed, it provided an opportunity to chat to a regular stream of folks interested in my goods as well as the ethics of yarn, plus making some sales meant that I partially funded my attendance at the event.

Because we were under gazebos/tents and the weather wasn’t always kind, the stall had to be set up and taken down each day and ended up being in several different locations over the event and, indeed, not being set up at all on one day. I had most fun on the days I was next to my friend Matt*, who makes amazing things from junk: wood-splitting devices, rocket stoves, revolving fire pits. Here we are doing our stuff: me crocheting and chatting and him surrounded by his usual crowd:

Our corner of the market place (photo: James Taylor)

Our corner of the market place (photo: James Taylor)

It was the stall itself that attracted people, it was certainly the most brightly-coloured in the market place:

I sold lots of hats and fingerless mittens, plus almost all of my bird roosting pouches, but not a single bath puff, despite many discussions about them. The 1940s style turban hats all sold as did both the beanies made of recycled sari silk, so I really need to make some more of those. My old mirror was very popular and it was the only one around, so there was some traffic between my stall and another selling clothing. It was such a sociable thing to do that I spent much more time than I had anticipated on the stall and I had great fun. Plus, I was able to play ‘spot my hats’ throughout the event, as I looked out for people wearing them:

That's one of my hats right there!

That’s one of my hats right there talking to Matt!

And since I got home I’ve already had someone ask to buy an item they saw on the stall but didn’t purchase at the time, plus they’ve ordered four more roosting pouches. So, I’d better get my hook out again… What a success!


*He should have a web site soon

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  1. Sounds like this was a great opportunity on so many levels.

  2. I love how Matt’s eyes appear to be riveted on the hat in the photo! Your stall does look very generously stocked, and I’m not surprised things sold well with such a lot of choice. I’m surprised about the bath puffs, though…

  3. Glad it was a success! Here’s to more successful ventures!

  4. Entrepreneur of the year title next if you go on at this rate and then High Street shops. Don’t go all Dragon’s Den on us will you?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. I too am surprised about the bath puffs. I purchased one from the supermarket recently and on first use it unravelled and fell apart that was a waste of $2.00!! What would postage be for one of yours do you think?

    So cool to see people wearing your hats after buying them too and the high volume sales of them doesn’t surprise me. I guess the initial stall sales are indicative of what you need high stock volumes of. Look at it as research. 🙂

  6. So glad it was a success. And seeing people later wearing your hats is an extra kudo!

  7. An excellent outcome from a most awesome event. Glad you could partly fund it and get a better feel for what your intended audience wanted to purchase. Still beavering away at the bird pod (that string is difficult to work with) in between finishing off a doll that I absolutely positively HAVE to get out of the way.

  8. So chuffed for you 🙂

  9. Sounds like a great experience – for you and your customers!

  10. Congratulations
    I demand we start a hand crafted ‘Save a bath puff’ revolution, why did no one buy one?did they not have their finger on the pulse of bath-wear accessories ?
    Well done for all you sales x

  11. What a happy time it sounds. Congratulations on such a success.

  12. What a wonderful experience! I am so pleased to hear that your beautiful creations received the admiration and appreciation which they deserve! Your stand looked fabulous and it must have been so nice to chat with so many people who loved what you make.

  13. Fingerless mittens are such a good idea. I have used them when sketching, as I can hold a pencil and still have warm hands. I am not surprised they went too. Please tell me though, what are roosting pouches? Are they really something that birds can snuggle into?


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