Tiny packets – no thank you

Whilst I was away I stayed in a hotel with tea and coffee-making facilities in the room. I knew this was going to be the case, so I went prepared… happy to use the kettle, but eschewing the teeny packs of instant coffee and various tea bags, not to mention the bottled water.

The goodies provided by the hotel

The tray provided by the hotel

Instead, I took a jar of fair trade, organic instant coffee (the remains from when the builders were here), containers of loose tea (black China and redbush), an infuser, an insulated mug and an enamel mug for taking out and about, and my own water bottle:

My beverage kit

My beverage kit

Since I don’t take milk in any of my drinks, there were no issues with storing dairy. And so, on my trip I managed not to use any disposable cups, tea bags, water from plastic bottles or teeny tiny packages. It’s a small amount of packaging to avoid but every little helps and, in addition, all my drinks were to my taste.

My trip coincided with Zero Waste Week, so it was good to feel that in circumstances where I might have been seduced into producing more waste than usual, I did not, all with very little effort and just a bit of planning.

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  1. Not to mention much nicer tea and coffee than what was on offer! Win-win!

  2. Impressive! The amount of packaging for those single-serve coffee packs is horrible.

    • I also managed to avoid tiny jars of jam and single packs of cereal at breakfast. What I really don’t understand is why all this packaging is also making its way into homes… via coffee pods and teabags in individual sachets – totally unnecessary.

  3. Impressed! Now to take a break from the computer and go and grind some coffee.

  4. Absolutely great. That’s how everyone should act 🙂

  5. I understand the need for individual servings in hotels, etc… because not everyone has room to pack food & drink with them when they travel, but the pods for home use? Very unnecessary and wasteful.

  6. You go! Every little bit helps.

  7. All credit to you for taking the time to forward plan. It’s an essential part of waste elimination that takes repetition to remember!

    • Yes some things (like cloth shopping bags) are now just part of life, but this was a first for me. In fact I rarely stay in a hotel, otherwise I might put together a drinks travel kit that I could just pick up on my way out of the house… perhaps I should have a checklist though. Having said that, we are staying in a hotel for a couple of nights in October, so I will have to do the same again (but this time for two people).


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