A darn good suggestion

A while ago when I expressed my dislike of mending (darning in particular) Sharon suggested that I create a mending box, so that all supplies were to hand, just ready for the next job. Knowing that I had all necessary bits and bobs (including a suitable box) around the house, This is what it currently looks like:

A bulging mending box

A bulging mending box

I’ve added several things to is since I first wrote about it, including more darning wool and a pack of Sugru (mouldable silicon glue), as recommended by Jen of Make do and Mend-able.

But the big question is ‘has it helped?’

Well, I’m delighted to say that it has. Although I’m still accumulating a pile of things that require me to get the sewing machine out to mend them, it did mean that when I noticed holes in a pair of Mr Snail’s hand-kitted socks, I actually mended them straight away. Out came the darning mushroom, darning wool and needle and the job was done relatively quickly. These socks were the first ones that I knitted for Mr Snail, so they are about four years old. I certainly wouldn’t darn bought socks, but it feels worthwhile to mend ones that I have made myself.

Darning still isn’t my favourite activity, but I think I’ve made a pretty good job of it and it was certainly eased by not having to spend ages finding the necessary materials and equipment. So, have you mended anything this week?

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  1. I’m actually right in the middle of mending an afghan I made for Mr Night Owl!
    I rushed its putting together, and have had to totally undo all that work – and then mend where the undoing ruined edges 😦
    That’ll teach me to try and rush things before going into hospital, won’t it? Lol

  2. I’m mending a pair of favourite jeans for my neighbour, they have a big hole/rip just below the knee. I’m doing them in the boro-style of mending that I mentioned on your first mending post…..she’s given me complete freedom to do whatever I like, so they won’t be boring. Fiddly though, because they’re very skinny leg jeans and it’s awkward getting my hand in there to wield the needle.

  3. I too have a little box handy to my evening seat where I keep all the necessaries for sewing up, repairing and finishing. Most often it is opened to stitch together the holes chewed in the toys of one Master Siddy King ……. as serendipitously occurred last evening 🙂 xoxo

  4. I currently have a favourite shirt that has been repaired at least 4 times and is actually so old that parts of the fabric are worn through. It’s hanging in the sewing room waiting for me to have time to do some creative patching. One suggestion though: keep your Sugru in the fridge and it will last a whole lot longer; it starts to harden very slowly at room temperature and will only last 3-6 months.

  5. Having the right tools to hand is so helpful. I’m impressed by your darning. I would have no clue, though I can sew.

    • I’m much more enthusiastic about darning socks that I made myself as I know how much work went into them! And because they are already woolly, I don’t end up with a darn that’s much thicker than the original sock.

  6. I haven’t done much mending but I do hand sewing all the time, and I agree–having the tools organized and close to hand makes all the difference!

    • In fact I’ve been quite surprised how much of a difference it seems to make. I’ve now got my box right in front of me much of the time, so I have no excuse!

  7. Impressive. And I’m not surprised it improves your motivation. I have far too many clothes sitting in a corner because I’ve been too lazy to get round to mending them.


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