There will be no green tomato chutney

The basic message over the years has been: It doesn’t matter how many of you tell me it’s lovely – I simply do not like green tomato chutney! Honestly, it’s a waste of time and ingredients me making it when I know it will only go to waste. It’s better for the chickens to have any unripe tomatoes than for me to make them into chutney.

And this year? There will be no green tomato chutney; not only because I don’t like it, but because there will be no green tomatoes! The limery is still providing a productive growing space – chillies  are going red or yellow, according to variety, courgettes are blooming and producing fruit, peppers, although growing slowly, are still being productive, the red banana passion fruit vine is reaching for the skies and the tomatoes are ripening.

It astonishes me that, despite the delay in starting growing in the limery (it wasn’t completed until July), we have harvested so much and will continue to do so into November. I can’t wait to see what’s possible next year with a full growing season!

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  1. What? No Green Tomato chutney? But I love it! Oh, no, wait, Green and Black’s chocolate. It’s Green and Black’s chocolate I love. As you were…

  2. What about fried green tomatoes? I’ve never had them but have wanted to try them since I saw the movie ……. Everyone should have a Limery!! I’m looking forward to seeing how you use it over the winter months too – what possibilities there are!!

  3. This is such good news, that the limery is already fulfilling its promises.

  4. I’m going to guess that a limery is what we call a greenhouse, a many windowed room where one grows plants indoors… because google is not giving me any help in this area (it keeps correcting it to “limey” which is an old-timey backwards insult for “British person”).

    And I agree with you on the green tomato chuney.. well green tomato anything. Blech.

  5. I’m with you, except that I’m not a fan of *any* chutney, really, except the occasional dollop of the Dowager’s mango chutney on cold roast pork. But I’d never go to the lengths of making it myself…

  6. Next year you’ll either have Jon manning a barrow by the roadside or you’ll be sending DIY vegetarian food baskets through the mail.This time the year after you’ll be a millionaire Rodney!
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. I love your photos…


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