Busy, busy

Whilst I wasn’t blogging, I was making…

I’m away for the next few days, but I” be back at the weekend.

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  1. Loving the hedgehog!

  2. Oh my word those blue socks!! I didn’t even see the hedgie for them – and you know I love a hedgie!! πŸ™‚

  3. I see there has been a preserved apple extravaganza chez Snail – are you tripping over jars of applesauce at every turn? I’m thinking Mr SoH will have very cosy feet this winter, and that’s a very cute hedgehog – just make his nose smaller and twice as long, and you’ve got an echidna!

  4. Teeny hedge is adorable!

    I’ll be all finished with uni in a month or so and might finally get some writing-for-pleasure done myself. Meanwhile, it’s always nice to read you when I need an essay break.

  5. Cute hedgie!

  6. Nothing cosier than socks & a full pantry! Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Oh my word! Busy is an understatement. Loved the socks and the sea blanket. Hedgehog is adorable. Wow is all I can say.


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