Kirkenes Blue: started life during NaNoWriMo 2013

Kirkenes Blue: started life during NaNoWriMo 2013

It’s November, which means it’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Personally I have no desire to write a novel, but Mr Snail does… well, actually that should say another novel (there are two already published). And so, each November when he can, be embarks on the challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. To keep him company the last time he did it (2013) I signed up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) – where participants aim to write a blog post every day during the month of November. This year I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to attempt 30 consecutive days posting, so I didn’t officially sign up. However, we’re on day 11 and I’ve managed it so far, so I’m planning to try to maintain the momentum throughout the month.

The route to so many interesting people.

It’s real to me: the route to so many interesting people.

I’ve written before about my reasons for blogging, and they continue to be reinforced. Over the years, I have made connections with people from all over the world – not the sort of people we see on the news, not ‘celebrities’ (whatever they may be) – but people who I think are heroes: gardeners, crafters, students, activists. I have swapped seeds, arranged barters, given and received advice, marvelled over creativity, shared sad and happy times, found answers to questions I never thought to ask and generally shared the experiences of you all. I’ve even met a few of you in person! And for all these reasons and more, I think it’s worth dedicating some time to this activity on a regular basis… others may scoff at this ‘virtual’ world but to me it’s a valuable way to experience reality around the world.

So, do excuse me in the busy months when I don’t write or read much… I haven’t forgotten you… and I hope you enjoy my exuberant activity this month…

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  1. Jane Miller

     /  November 11, 2015

    Love your blogging! Every time I recycle I think of you!

  2. I enjoy reading your posts, thinking about them and sometimes being inspired to try something different / change my haabits so thank you and please keep writing!

  3. You and I blog for pretty much the same reasons! ^_^

  4. I was mildly surprised to see so many posts from you recently, but also very pleased. All is now explained. The world of blogging is wonderful for all the reasons you list, but add: it provides human contact and interest to the socially isolated, friendship to those far from friends and a window on the lives of immensely varied people with immensely varied interests, and I for one cannot ever visualise not blogging!

  5. I am enjoying seeing so many posts from you – and thank you for decoding the mysterious NaNoWriMo which has always addled my tiny brain!

    I think all of us who continue blogging do so for the community that spring up around our posts – not so much for the activity – but for the chance to interact with people we would never get to meet otherwise, to grow our knowledge base, extend our talents, share bits of our lives and to cheer on one another in every way we can. I would rather be in this world than the one made up of TV programmes, scare-mongering ‘news’ programmes and editions and other negatively focused people and activities.

  6. No forgiveness necessary! It’s our pleasure to correspond with you digitally! And good luck to your hubby!!!

  7. Oh goody, I’ll have to drop in more this month to catch up with life chez Snail! So far this year, you’ve convinced me to ditch teabags in favour of loose leaves, and introduced me to the marvels of Wovember. What’s next, I wonder? Anyway,here’s to a successful NaNo/BloWriMo for you and Mr Snail!

  8. Participated in it last year… result: just finished editing my novel and will self publish it over the next couple of weeks. And: The second one is done too, finished with editing and ready to go as well 🙂 NaNoWriMo was so good for me and made me finally do it. Good luck! Go for it!


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