November shoots

Some time back I wrote a post entitled Is it worth growing potatoes? My resounding conclusion was ‘yes’. Even though they are relatively cheap to buy, I like the fact that I know they will all get eaten, that it cuts down on our food miles and that that I can grow them chemical-free (check out my original post to get an idea of the pesticides that go into the spuds you are likely to get from the supermarket).


Tiny potato shoots – I hope they survive

Anyway… this year, construction of the limery meant that I was short of growing space and so not all of the potato tubers that I had available were eventually planted. Over the summer, the remainder sat in egg boxes on my windowsill and grew a few leaves, before starting to shrivel. Even so, they tenaciously held on and I couldn’t bear to throw them away. Finally, though, even I had to admit that I needed to do something with them. So, on Saturday when I removed the no-longer-productive courgette plants from their large pots in the limery, I decided that the remaining compost may just be able to have a second life as a medium for growing potatoes. And so, I rearranged the compost and popped the somewhat shrivelled tubers in. The pots remain in the limery and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these sad little remnants of this year’s planting will spring to life and provide us with a small crop sometime in the new year. Who knows? I could just have put the used compost and tubers into the compost bin, but I have nothing to lose in this experiment. I will be certainly be gloating if I can eat fresh Welsh new potatoes in February.

I’m also pleased to report that the limery is still proving its worth (all these pictures were taken today):

It may be the depths of autumn, but we have green shoots and reminders of summer.

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  1. I like the contrast between the greys and browns outside and the lush green and red insdie the Limery!


  2. It is just wonderful! I’m so looking forward to hearing all the wonders you receive from it over the winter days ………. My moneys on the potatoes producing too!


  3. Nothing quite like eating your own produce, well done you.
    I think we had more luck with our apples this year than anything else. We had a bumper crop.


  4. nettyg

     /  November 24, 2015

    I’m able to buy local organic potatoes from the Farmer’s Market, but I still prefer to grow my own. I can ‘bandicoot’………….is this just an Aussie term I wonder, for digging in under the plant and taking only what you need?…….just a few for ma meal and the rest stay happily underground or dig the lot and feed the neighbourhood. I grow mine in the used chook food bags, rolling the tops down until shoots begin to show, with mulch on top, then adding more compost and unrolling the bag until it’s all unrolled and wait for the taties. I think you’ll get a good crop and it’s a great experiment if you don’t. your limery’s a haven.


  5. nettyg

     /  November 24, 2015

    We’ll turn you into an Aussie yet:)



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