And the winner is…

Entries for the yarny give-away closed last night.

All the names were placed in a bowl:


The bowl of opportunity (note the use of scrap paper)

And a winner was selected by our impartial judge:


The judge

And here is the draw itself (be patient):

So, congratulations itwasjudith… we will be in touch very soon to get your address so that we can post your yarns to you.

Commiserations to all the rest of you. That was fun, so we might have another one in the new year… watch this space.


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  1. HaHa! very funny and sweet, well done Sam! and well done Judith!

  2. Ann Pole

     /  December 7, 2015

    Hehe! funny! Well done Sam. 😀

  3. Reblogged this on writinghouse and commented:
    Cue drum roll, a slightly mad dog and a mixing bowl…

    Well done ItwasJudith, because it was, and commiserations everyone else. Remember, it isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s where you place the blame.


  4. No commiserations required – that was so much fun to watch! It’s good to know that Siddy isn’t the only pup who gets over excited and out of his tree when there is a camera in operation 🙂 The happy winner will be knitting something gorgeous! Well done Mr and Ms Snail! and Sam ❤

  5. nettyg

     /  December 7, 2015

    Oh who cares about winning when you get to watch a sweet and excited pup, a good early morning laugh. Congratulations ItwasJudith.

  6. Congrats, ItwasJudith! And look at the cutie MC!

  7. We’re both sitting here still cackling gently at the selection performance. A dog who really knows how to prolong the joy!

    • She’s just a show-off! Camera not on her and she selected a piece of paper immediately… camera on and the draw for real and she’s dancing around making sure she gets as much air time as possible!!

  8. Many many thanks for the beautiful presents!! I still can’t believe my luck! What an honour to be picked up by Sam and announced in such a cool video 🙂
    You’re a special family, I must say! Thank you

  9. It’s a fix. It’s always a fix when it isn’t me.Recount, recount, recount…….. Grudging congratulations to Judith.

    Huge Hugs xxxxxxxx

  10. Oh, my–I thought only cats were that contrary! But sweet Sam came through in the end! Congrats to Judith!

  11. This may be the best random selection process I have ever seen!

  12. Look at those eyes, they could melt the coldest heart. So sweet!

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