Axminster ate my slippers

It’s a couple of years now since I crocheted my first pair of chunky slippers… they were for Mr Snail and they looked like this:

Mr SOH slippers1

The originals

Then I made myself a pair, and then I made pairs for various people, all the time experimenting to find the best yarn for the job. I finally settled on Axminster carpet yarn, which seems to be the most robust (as you’d perhaps expect). This does mean, however, that some of the early versions (including my own) were made with yarn that wasn’t tough enough for the job.

Both my slippers and Mr Snail’s have had new soles made from the Axminster yarn:

But, alas, mine have continued to wear and another hole had developed (Mr Snail has a second pair, so his don’t get so much use). So, this week I have added an extra layer above the sole:


Being gradually engulfed from the bottom up!

Gradually, my slippers are being engulfed by a layer of Axminster yarn. I wonder when they will become an entirely new pair of slippers that has simply ‘eaten’ the old ones. Have I got to the point where I am no longer mending, but creating anew?

Sadly, the company that I used to buy my Axminster yarn from have recently gone out of business. I’m currently awaiting a response from the makers of genuine Axminster carpets about whether they might be willing to supply small amounts of yarn. If not, the days of making and mending these slippers may be limited. However, Kate Chiconi did send me a wonderful pair of sheepskin slipper soles and I have set these aside to make myself a new pair of slippers with some Berber carpet wool (limited quantity as again from the sadly departed supplier) at some point… another thing on my ‘list’!

Do you have anything you have mended so much that it has now become unrecognisable?


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  1. It’s starting to sound like the story of George Washington’s axe – the ‘I cannot tell a lie’ one that chopped down the cherry tree. It had had seven new handles and five new heads but was still George Washington’s axe. 🙂


  2. There seems to be a seller on Etsy offering some quantity of Axminster rug wool (and it’s based in Wales). Perhaps a chance to get some more of that handy yarn?
    I love your slippers and the fact that they’re patched time and again… I can’t wait to see your creation with the sheepskin soles 🙂


  3. I think you should go for the full Inuit shaggy calf-length snow boot look! It’ll come in handy as you struggle through the waist deep snow drifts in your living room! The thing I liked about those soles was the holes punched all the way round the edge to let you attach the rest of the boot easily. I have a shirt that is now more patch than original; the original fabric is now so old and worn that it’s giving way everywhere. One day, I’ll have to let it go…


  4. No, but now you mention it I recall Trigger from Only Fools and Horses when getting an award from work was so pleased to announce his was the same broom he’s started with. It had seen new brushes over the years and new handles too but it was the same broom?
    xxx Massive Hugs Jan xxx


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