Longer days

So, here we are on the other side of the solstice and looking forward to the days lengthening…

Chez Snail we don’t ‘do’ Christmas, but we do celebrate the solstice – the turning of the year and the promise of more light. We know that there’s a long way to go before the spring arrives, but we love the fact that the longest night is behinds us.

We were hoping to enjoy a solstice walk with the dogs, but the dreadful weather transpired against us, so I spent the afternoon in the limery having a good clean up, harvesting the rest of the chillies and getting it ready for the first sowing of seeds in the new year. Once it was all clean and tidy we were able to enjoy the promise of summer in there in the form of a glass or two of Kir made with Herefordshire framboise (raspberries truly are the taste of summer) along with fairy-lights and candles.

Today, a very slightly longer day than yesterday, we awoke to the promise of sunshine.


The promise of a dry day

And, indeed, the clouds cleared and we were able to take the dogs for a walk on the beach. I know we haven’t seen the end of the rain, but at least we will be planting seeds in a couple of weeks…

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  1. Looks like you had yourselves a cool Yule (in the former sense of the word). Here’s to the turn of the year, and our various ways of observing it, whatever your season and hemisphere! I hope 2016 is peaceful and prosperous for you both.

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  2. wscottling

     /  December 23, 2015

    We do a mixture of Yule, Xmas (for the hubs) and New Year’s at our house. We’ve only been married for a couple of years, so we’re still feeling our way around these things. Me? I’m all about celebrating the passage of time and for me that’s Solstice and New Year, one is astronomical, and the other is man-made, but they’re both important in my world. The hubs grew up with Xmas, so he celebrates Xmas — but not very seriously. It just warms his heart to see decorations up and to get that touch of nostalgia on Xmas morning with a present or two.

    I think we’ll figure it out eventually. We’ve still got a couple of decades to go. ^_^ I’m glad you were able to take your dogs out eventually. Happy Solstice!


  3. A very Happy Christmastide to you both. May all your plants propogate in the new light.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  4. It all looks and sounds serene and just right. How fun to have the limery as a place to relax and celebrate!



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