Farewell, Esme

All good things must come to an end and so, just like the witch she was named after, Esmeralda has not seen the end of 2015.


A recent picture with a tatty Tiffany


Esme was one of our first hens, so we have had her for more than five and a half years. For a long time she was our best layer and provided us with many hundreds of eggs. Like her namesake, she had blue eyes – a feature that helped me decide on her name – and was top hen for most of her years with us.

Sadly Mr Snail found her dead in the hen house a few mornings ago – there had been no illness and she had been happily pecking around eating corn and oats the day before, so it seems just to have been old-age.

Although it’s sad to lose any animal, it’s also good to know that they had a happy life and, in this case, were responsible to converting our huge slug surplus into something we could eat. And now, her final contribution is added fertility to the garden, as she’s been laid to rest in the new raised bed.

Thank you, Esme, and goodbye!


A very young Esme

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  1. Ann Pole

     /  December 29, 2015

    Ahh, sad. My mum was called Esme too – though not after Esmerelda, it wasn’t a shortening of anything. However, our veggie beds are not big enough, so we didn’t bury her there!! XX

  2. We have some that are that old so probably will move on to providing fertility for raised beds soon. I suspect that a proper winter might have done the job already but when at least three quarters of December days have seen my bees and others’ out as if it were August…………

  3. You didn’t find her with a card round her neck saying “I is really dead this time”…? She had a good innings, a pleasant life filled with interest and slugs, and I suspect that like her namesake, she bossed the rest of the coven, er, flock around like a good ‘un. Vale, Esme.

  4. Ah, Esme . . . we hardly knew ye

  5. Ahh bless her – it certainly sounds as though Esme has had a wonderful innings, especially with all those slugs put to bay. 😉

    I expect our Queenie will join her soon. She doesn’t keep up with the others like she used to.

    Hugs to you and yours x

  6. I have no idea how long their lives are but I’m hoping she lasted a good length of hers. That’s how I want to go. Healthy, happy, dead. No lingering illness, just done. It’s nice that you can bury her in the back yard.

  7. I didn’t know you could bury animals under the vegetables. Learn something new every day. I’m glad she led a full life.

  8. I always liked your Esmeralda, as that was always the name I wished I was called when younger – it has such a sparkle and exotic hue to it don’t you think 🙂 You certainly gave her the best life any chookie could have so I’m pretty sure she went out on a happy note! Glad to hear she will continue to give and be appreciated xo

  9. Sounds like you gave her a wonderful place to live and a happy life–farewell, Esme!

  10. She was obviously a chook with personality! Sorry to hear that she has gone, but she will continue to help out around the place from her spot in the garden bed.

  11. Sorry about the loss Jan, I’ve just read about the demise of her namesake and am saddened. The Ramtops will never be the same again.
    Happy New Year to you both
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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