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OK, so I’m failing completely to reduce the amount of yarn in my possession, but this is not entirely my fault. So many people know of my ability to make good use of yarn, that I am the first person they think to give it to when they have some spare. I often get given it by Katy the Night Owl (who can’t work with sheep’s wool), and I bumped into a friend whilst shopping the other day and she mentioned that she has some for me.


There were lots of balls of these colours

And then the other day Kate came round with a whole bag of balls of wool that she can’t use (another person sensitive to sheep’s wool), but she knew I would be able to do something with. In fact she had really come round to drop off her old Kindle to Mr Snail because his has given up the ghost and we had agreed to swap her Kindle for a cheese-making lesson (that’s happening next week). However, she thought I’d like the yarn, so everybody ended up happy… and my stash has grown just a bit more.

Oh, and then there was the yarn that I won in a give-away on Louise Scollay’s Knit British web site, which arrived through the post yesterday morning. It’s a hat kit, but I may use the yarn for some other project… haven’t quite decided yet!


My winnings!

The trouble is that this distracts me… the yarn Kate brought was unusual and I just had to work some up to see how it looked… and so, unintended, I embarked on another project. The nice thing is that, because I am so prolific with my knitting and crochet, my yarn collection is dynamic. I have focused over the past year on using yarn that I have owned for a long time and so my stash does not stagnate. Apart from yarn that I am given and my subscription to the Knitting Goddess’ Discworld sock yarn club, my plan is that the only yarn I will seek out this year will be for specific commissions or to enable me to make progress on the great sofa cover project. Please feel free to remind me of this if (when) I lapse!!

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  1. wscottling

     /  January 14, 2016

    Ah, if only I didn’t live so far away, they could send it to me. ^_^ hahahaha!


  2. I may end up retiring Woolly Thing, my perennial and not very impressive crochet project, and sending you the rest of the yarn…


  3. Ann Pole

     /  January 14, 2016

    Hehe! This is like every re-enactor I know at a re-enactor fair – if it’s not fabric then it’s armour. Or a sword. Or more fabric…. 🙂

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  4. I’m amazed at your restraint. I keep saying the same thing about fabric but somehow, a few pieces always end up following me home but now only for a particular project. It’s so hard to pass up nice stuff but I’m trying like you to use up what I have. I’ve been giving away quite a bit and try not to take anything that I can’t actually make quick use from.


  5. I’ve just discovered a friend has gotten a job in a yarn store, and I’m too scared to go. What hope I had of cutting down will dissipate if I step foot in there, I can tell.



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