New life for old yarn

I mentioned in an earlier post that my friend Kate (who came and made cheese with me the other day) gave me some unwanted yarn. Quite a lot of it was Sirdar Nomad – a wool/alpaca/nylon bouclé yarn. Kate warned me that it felts very easily and that a sweater she had knitted out of it for her mum had shrunk to tiny proportions when washed. The colours – reindeer and woodsmoke – were very muted and I thought that it would make a lovely snuggly blanket for Mr Snail (after all, I have The Masterpiece). I initially assumed that I would have to buy some yarn to ‘frame’ the squares made from Kate’s wool, but then I remembered the large quantity of dull purple yarn that I bought from The Natural Fibre Company about 20 years ago and realised that I could use that doubled up.

So, I made as many granny squares as I could from the Nomad, edged them with the NFC wool, stitched them together and added an edge…. easy as that! It has only taken me three weeks to make and the result is a square blanket measuring 160 cm along each side. The idea is that it is for snuggling under (on the sofa) when it’s chilly. Due to our unseasonably warm weather at present, I don’t think is going to get much use immediately, but it will probably come into its own in the summer!!!

So, there you have it – some unloved yarn into a useful object – magic!

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  1. Mr Snail of Happiness will have to take care not to spill his tea on it, or you’ll be washing it and find you have a doll’s blanket instead! Lovely colours, and what a quick one!

  2. Great way to use that yarn! And the colors go together so well. But you’ll use it more in the summer??? Please explain to this Midwesterner how the seasons are so different in Wales.

  3. That turned out quite lovely and you’ve been forewarned so you are forearmed. Good save of yarns.

  4. That is a particularly nice edging Jan – and like the thought that it might end it’s days as a rug in Jon’s office 🙂

  5. Paardje

     /  February 3, 2016

    It turned out pretty lovely 🙂

  6. It’s a magical transformation!

  7. Awesome! That purple yarn fits in perfectly with the colours you got! Now all you need is a little chill in the air to give it a proper test drive!


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