The birth of a ‘vaark

With the immediate success of snailvaark, and the almost-as-immediate request from Danielle-inventor-of-the-mousevaark for a snailvaark of her own, I was carried along on a wave of creativity. This, in combination with the foul weather on Saturday lead to me and snailvaark #1 running a live ‘birth of a snailvaark’ on Twitter. What do you mean, you missed it? OK, I know Twitter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so here is a look at how our day went…

First, we headed to the limery with a all the necessary materials:


I bet you’ve forgotten something!

And then I started on the shell:


This doesn’t look anything like my shell

The first half progressed quite quickly and I moved on to picking up the stitches for the second half:


Well that looks more promising

And by lunchtime the knitting was done


Are you sure it isn’t going to be a butterfly?

The next bit is tricky – grafting


Apparently snailvaark does not like needles

And inserting the skeleton… hang on, where is the skeleton?


So, no needles, but you’ll balance a skeleton on your nose?

Finally I was able to continue grafting, stuffing and inserting the pipe-cleaner skeleton


This looks complicated

And snailvaark found some new friends who were watching the Six Nations rugby:


‘Come on Wales!’ What do you mean ‘This is France-Italy’?

Finally, the shell was complete:


OK, this is the ‘snail’ but where’s the ‘vaark?

And I made a start on the body:


You begin with the nose

It grows


Apparently embryonic ‘vaarks wear jewellery!

and grows


A ‘vaark bust

Until it starts to be recognised by other ‘vaarks


‘Hello… I said HELLO’… oh, sorry, no ears yet

And after a while there’s a body and a separate ‘vaark bottom


We can rebuild him!

All the knitting and crochet is nearly done – we just need some ears


Can you see the family resemblance yet?

For a ‘vaark stand up. it needs a heavy bottom, so they are filled with rice. To avoid unfortunate, embarrassing accidents, a little bag is employed:


No, snailvaark, that is not a snack

It is inserted into the base of the ‘vaark


Not looking!

And once the base is attached, the shell can be stitched on and the button nose added:


Oh look, snailvaarks are born blind and deaf

Crochet ears and button eyes soon follow, and ‘voila’ there’s a finished snailvaark


A new ‘vaark is born


Welcome to my world!


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  1. Ann Pole

     /  February 11, 2016

    What do I think? Your are delightfully bonkers Jan. 😀
    Will we get to meet a snailvaark at the NDG? XXX

  2. Vaaarking-mad! 😃 👏 💜

  3. nettyg

     /  February 11, 2016


  4. Fantastic!! Fantastical!! Stark raving bonkers and madly creative! Totally in love!!

  5. I don’t understand how I missed the excitement on Twitter!! It may be because I am not on Twitter…..but this should have gone viral!! I love these little Vaarks and am what the next species will be. That gets me thinking, do they have scientific species names?

  6. Fascinating conception to birth procedure Jan.Aren’t they born colourful.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Now I can see what the vaark you have been up to all this time…. Love the way the shell goes together.

  8. Absolutely adorable and the comments were pretty great too!!! I’m still grinning ear to ear about it all. I just can’t imagine how you created these in your mind then brought them to life!!!! Wow!

  9. claire

     /  February 14, 2016

    love it !

  10. Welcome to the world, new Snailvaark! I love these little guys… And I just noticed their little button noses in these photos! I think I’m going into cuteness overload… 😍

    • Just made a third one to go off to another new friend… I’m running short of small buttons for noses, it’s a size that I have very few of in my button box. But I’m sure Jon won’t notice if I remove all the spares off his shirts… he hates wearing shirts anyway.


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