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As I get older I find myself becoming less active. Last year was a particular challenge – the building work over much of the summer kept me from gardening and then the subsequent wet months kept me indoors and whilst this meant I was very productive with my knitting and crochet, I was also very sedentary. How unfit I had become was brought home to me when I dashed out into the garden on a dry day to get some mulch down and do some other chores… and after half an hour I was flagging and red in the face.

Now, you can’t live your life to the full unless you have the energy and stamina to get on and do things. I know that I’m going to be busy in the garden this year and I don’t want this to be a trial because I am so unfit. Fortunately, it’s been a little drier over recent weeks and so we’ve been out walking the dogs a couple of miles most days, but I wanted to do something more… to get into the habit of exercising. I considered a variety of options, but I think my days of aerobics classes are long-gone and the prospect of visiting a gym fills me with dread.


All set!

So, my answer has been to start going swimming – it’s relatively gentle and once you’re in the water no one can see how hot and bothered you might be getting! Once suitable attire had been sourced, I made my first trip to the pool. I had forgotten how much I like being in the water, but the fact that I do has made it easy to make this a regular form of exercise. An additional incentive is that I have purchased an annual pass and I need to go 56 times in the year to make it cheaper than paying for each visit individually. I’m well on target as I’ve been ten times (twice a week) in the past month. One major plus is that three times a week the pool opens at 7am, so I have been able to do all my swimming first thing without it interfering with the rest of my life. I may have found my ideal way (except the chlorine) to get more active!

I’m hoping this extra exercise is going to mean I have much more energy and stamina for all those other things I want to do and so there will be even more going on than before chez snail!

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  1. I hope it’s not too chilly in your wintry swimming pool. I’m fortunate to have a good climate for swimming, but am a poor swimmer, especially now that I’m very deficient in pectoral muscle on one side. I have a tendency to go in circles!

  2. I have started swimming too this year and am loving it. Once a week before lunch for me though and I do feel fitter for it. Good for you 😊

  3. I think many of us are in the same boat. I was going to the pool last fall and finally gave it up. I am trying to beat myself into regular yoga and walking again. It’s hard to self motivate. Summer will bring you renewed energy to push on. Good for you to make the first move on getting more fit.

    • I generally find “doing exercise” quite tedious, but I like the calmness of swimming. In addition, if I get up and immediately go swimming I haven’t had time to talk myself out of it!! You are right – exercise is easier in the summer too.

  4. Well done! It’s so hard to stay active in the winter. I lived in California for a few years and was able to garden year round. I really miss that! 🙂

  5. That is what we cannot afford to do…get less active…that is what the pain thrives on

  6. I like your way of thinking! No excuses, no nonsense – need to make time in the garden pleasurable, so swimming to get me fitter….. and you’re doing it! Fantastic woman!! 🙂 xo

  7. The chlorine is a pain but at least going a couple of times a week with build up your stamina nicely. The good thing is that you enjoy it so getting fit is not too tedious.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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