A work of “Art”

You may recall that I bought some yarn from Colinette in January – a beautiful, soft bamboo and wool concoction flecked with jewel-bright colours and called “Art”. It was bought to make a larger version of ‘Dream catcher‘, and that’s what I did. In fact the colour that I bought, lilac, looked lovely on its own, but as the work grew, I realised that it would benefit from a contrasting border. So I ordered some ‘mint julep’ and finished with a flourish.

The finished shawl/top measures 130cm (51 inches) across. I modified the central circle compared to the original pattern so that it was larger and more solid, plus I reduced the distance between the arm holes at the top and increased it at the bottom so that, unlike the original it only has one axis of symmetry. I had to add extra rounds to make it bigger and based the stitch pattern for these on earlier ones, but in addition the yarn I used was thicker than my original, so it would have been bigger anyway. For comparison, here’s the original laid on top of the new version:


Mush bigger!

On reflection, I think the original would benefit an increase in diameter, so I’ll be adding a few extra rounds to that now too.

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  1. A lovely combination of cosy, lacy and stylish! I agree the earlier one now looks a bit puny by comparison. And the colour is so very you!

    • I am really delighted with the way this has come out – it’s lovely and warm too. I’m particularly glad that I edged it in a contrasting colour – it looks much more finished. I have to confess, though, that it took me ages to settle on the ‘mint julep’ as I was choosing from a small picture on a computer screen and I wasn’t convinced about the colour reproduction… fortunately it appears I made a good choice.

  2. Would love to see it on……..

  3. Absolutely love this! The trim was a great idea.

  4. You have made some good changes here – the original pattern left way too much back exposed to the cool air for me – and being made in one colour it looks really pretty! Please do model it for us 🙂

  5. Are you interested in yarn bombing? I just watched a great TED Talk by the woman who started it all. And had no idea where it would go. http://www.ted.com/

  6. I’m with Pauline–I want to see pix of you wearing this creation!

  7. Stunning colors!!! Love it.

  8. I echo the chorus: photo please.

    What gorgeous colors! My favorites. I bet it’s soooo soft.


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