Off the hook

I try to use as little kitchen paper as possible for moping up spills and cleaning, but this can be quite demanding in terms of the number of cloths required. So, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been using up some of my cotton yarn to make these…

It’s also given me a chance to play with a few new stitches and enjoy some old ones.

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  1. Great idea! You could have pot holders, towels, place mats, all sorts of things. Wonderful use for leftover yarn. 🙂

  2. Love the yellow one – practical and cheery!

  3. I’m still in ore of you being able to just ‘knock’ a few of these up. 😉

    -(I can’t tell you how many times I’ve unravelled my starting stitches)-

  4. Great idea – I make my own cotton cloths but haven’t been creative enough to think of using different stitches and patterns! Thanks for the idea xo

  5. I don’t often use paper towel either – I have quite the collection of cloths, used for one day only (or one use if very messy) and then into the washing machine. Mostly they’re microfibre and not nearly as pretty, but I have one very pretty crochet face cloth made for me by a friend in Germany which makes a wonderful gentle scrubber. It’s a very soft cotton yarn, but she has used a small but nubbly stitch to make it effective, and it has a graduated thread lacy border.

  6. I do the same. You certainly do need a lot on the chance the laundry doesn’t get done one week. 🙂


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