Three Things Thursday: 2 June 2016

As I have been so bad at blogging in recent months, I’m wondering whether some structure might help. So, with this in mind I’ve decided that each week I will join with Nerd in the Brain (and others) and write a ‘Three Things Thursday’ post. As “Nerd” says…

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

So, without further ado, here they are…

First, something I completed a few weeks ago, but that I haven’t blogged about but is still making me smile every time I see it… my completed Arizona Dreams throw. I’m still sad that Colinette, the company that produced the kit, is closing down, but very grateful that I have had the chance to work with some of their yarns (and have some more squirrelled away in my stash).

Second, I’m loving the abundant growth in the limery at the moment. Summer is here and we have tomatoes and peppers developing, melon flowers, passion flowers and pitcher plants thriving. Plus there’s my lovely light-catcher creating rainbows (thank you Pauline).

Third, is both sad and happy… or old girl Lorna died a few days ago.

She was six and a half (not bad for a chicken) and she’d had a fabulous life, digging holes, eating slugs and invading the vegetable patch. She’d even laid eggs up until a couple of months ago. She went to sleep the other day and didn’t wake up. Since she was the last of our original flock, it does seem like the end of an era. However, our hens are working girls and so we needed a couple of replacement layers. We chose a Light Sussex and a Rhoderock (apparently that’s the correct name for what we have previously called a Blackrock). We’ve been enjoying watching them settle in. Tiffany is putting them in their place and making sure everyone knows she’s top chicken. We have named them Mags (short for Magrat) and Aliss II (our last Blackrock was Aliss). They are a little skittish at the moment, but here are a few pictures:

Mags is clearly less mature than Aliss II judging from that teeny-tiny comb, but there should be eggs in a month or two.

So that should be my three things for the week, but I just want to add my gratitude for Skype, which allowed me to chat with Kate (Tall Tales from Chiconia) yesterday prior to her setting off for Brisbane for an operation on her spine. I’m sure those of you who know Kate and her blog will join with me in wishing her well… I’m hoping that next week one of my ‘three things’ will be gratitude that Kate is on the mend.

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  1. Oh, I love all of the things! (Well, except for the news about Lorna.) 😦 That blanket is amazing!

    Thank you so much for joining the Three Things Thursday fun!

  2. Paardje

     /  June 2, 2016

    I love that throw! Great to always list things that make you smile 🙂

  3. Gosh, Colinette closing down – I used to use a lot of their yarn until I discovered it was not very practical for children’s clothes. I still have quite a lot of it! The colours are so beautiful, but not fast.
    Your limery is so productive, it must be a joy each day, very impressive.

  4. I love that throw. It’s adorable. Those colours!

  5. Lovely throw, lovely Limery, so so sorry about Lorna

    • Thank you. We were quite surprised Lorna kept going as long as she did, but she had a good life. New girls are getting bullied a little bit, but not too bad so I think they’ll be fully integrated in a couple of days.

  6. Lovely blanket. I have been thinking about Kate off and on all day. Here’s hoping she will feature in your happy list next week.

    • They are nine hours ahead so I guess she’ll be going into surgery about midnight our time. She sent me an animation of what the surgery involves and it looks quite complex – removing a disc and adding spacers and then putting screws into the vertebrae and then bracing them apart… but she tells me that it’s relatively routine so hopefully it will go well and she won’t be in so much pain. Isn’t modern medicine amazing?

  7. nettyg

     /  June 2, 2016

    So good that Lorna went in her sleep, I always hate the watching and waiting, knowing they’re on their last legs. Your light Sussex is a pretty little hen. My blogging is a bit haphazard these days, and I like the idea of a structure to get me blogging…..I joined a couple of “scrap-alongs” thinking I’d at least post what I’ve sewn, but some weeks I don’t get anything sewn! I might join Three things Thursday, at least I won’t feel pressured to *do* anything….just have to remember 🙂 6.30 am here, Kate will be being prepped I think, she said she was on at 7 am. I think she’s in all our thoughts.

  8. I love the Three Things idea. I share a daily gratitude list with a couple of friends, and I think it’s reading theirs which I enjoy the most.

  9. I like this idea. I have a gratitude journal that I write one thing each night that I am most grateful for from that day. It’s the same journal that I have been using since 2012 with one line a day usually. I go to sleep in a gratitude frame of mind but also gives me something to draw from. We are all grateful that Kate is getting the surgery needed for her back. Keeping good thoughts for a speedy and complete recovery. You have a lot of good things going on. Even the sweet chicken died peacefully in her sleep. That’s a wonderful dangler Pauline made. I still need to get mine photographed. Waiting till the windows are clean. 😦 I LOVE the colors of the yarn. Your blanket is beautiful.

    • I’m remarkably bad at writing stuff down in a book, but I think I can manage a weekly blog post!

      • We each have our weak and strong spots and must work with them. I do like the idea of a blog post to be more accountable for my gratitude. That was the Angel card I pulled this morning so it’s something I must pay even more attention to, obviously. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

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