It’s a funny time of year in the garden… so much potential, so little actual produce. There’s still lots of lettuce and plenty of rhubarb, but otherwise, it’s mainly flowers and developing fruit:

I’m not sure how much longer the lettuce is going to last in this hot, dry weather, so it may not be long before we are just left with rhubarb to eat…


it’s been a good season for rhubarb so far

Still, there’s plenty of it!

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  1. That just about describes our garden too. We have herbs that I am using. And chives, are they a herb? Lots of weeding and planting still going on. Be worth it though.

  2. I don’t really have a garden other then berry bushes and fruit trees, but I think that there’s a pumpkin vine growing amongst the blackberries. I’m kind of excited to find out.

  3. Love all those lavishly coloured bean flowers!

  4. It is an exciting time in the garden too. Everything growing so lushly, and as you say, so much promise. My garden has only sweet potato running rampant everywhere. It is dying off in the cold wether, so I will dig it up soon…..but then I have been saying that for a while now!

  5. Ooooh, look at all those! You’re going to have so many tasties soon! I’m excited to have TWO green proto-strawberries in my balcony garden now… not exactly a feast, but it beats buying imported ones!

  6. A veritable green sea of potential Yum!

  7. You are on the verge of something amazing, though! You’ll have to eat all day, just to keep up!

  8. Even though there’s not much there to eat, it’s definitely a feast for the eyes, seeing all your lovely plants in bloom 🙂


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