I’ve spent the whole of today making cheese…

It does take a long time, but I do love the process. I have enough milk in the freezer to make another batch, which I’m going to tweak a little by using a bit less rennet to see how that affects the texture. In the mean time, we have fresh ricotta to enjoy and loads of whey to use in baking and to feed to the hens.

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  1. Very very very impressed. Bet its delicious.

    • Trouble with hard cheese is you don’t find out whether it’s worked for ages. The ricotta made from the whey, however, has to be eaten within 7 days – what a shame!!

  2. I’m impressed! Wow. It looks wonderful.

    I’ve seen rennet-less cheese in the stores. Is it important to the process?

  3. Look at the colour of that milk, definitely full fat Jersey non-homogenised! People in the supermarket wouldn’t recognise your gorgeous stuff as milk, they’re used to a bland white creamless liquid. I could never access enough of it; sale of raw milk (or even barter equivalent to a sale) is illegal here. So my cultures died and my rennet stopped working, and it all got a bit too expensive to replace.

  4. This looks like a wonderful way to while away the day (although I’m sure there must have been hard work involved, really).
    Hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your labour 🙂

  5. Wow! That looks wonderful – I too am most impressed.

  6. Am going to have to have a go soon. Got book, rennet is available locally, not much in the way of unpasturised organic milk locally so may be forced to go down the pasteurised route.


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