Green in “the smoke”


Knitting on the train – note the reusable cup with crochet cover

I spent the weekend in London. I don’t go very often, but had arranged to meet a couple of friends there and go to the London Permaculture Festival, and what a good time I had – from knitting on the train on the way down, to strolling through Regent’s Park, to being presented with complimentary flaming Sambuca at a little Italian restaurant on Sunday night, to bumping into lots of old friends at the festival, to sitting knitting in Little Venice whilst waiting for my train home.

It’s hard to remember what a diverse place London is when you live in a little rural community right on the west coast. There is diversity in terms of people and diversity in terms of places… plus I always forget how many trees and green spaces there are in London. I am awed by the huge plane trees, and delighted to see the green squares and parks full of people. Of course there’s also the pollution, traffic and the poverty, and I’m always distressed by the level of homelessness.

This visit we stayed in an independent hotel in Bloomsbury – it didn’t have all the swish features of a chain hotel, but it is owned by the family of someone we know. Plus it was quiet , the beds were comfy, the staff were lovely, and it has two beautiful mosaics outside along with some very subtle but delightful stained glass:

On Sunday, there was the London Permaculture Festival. We walked to the venue through Bloomsbury Square, along Euston Road and up through Regent’s Park past the zoo. And then seven hours later we walked back having attended talks, chatted, sat in the garden. admired some chicks and eaten lots of cake. Sadly one friend wasn’t well enough to join us, but since it’s an annual event we intend to try again next year (and possibly every year thereafter).

Finally on Monday before I caught my train I had a relaxing time in Little Venice enjoying sitting under a plane tree, knitting one of Kathryn’s socks and watching the barges on the canal.

So all-in-all a lovely trip to our capital… no shopping, no theatre and no museums… but I had a great time.

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  1. There are just too many people in London for me, these days… I’ve become too accustomed to a much thinner population down here! But I do miss the neighbourhoods, the rich heritage, and the sheer availability of everything.


  2. I felt a bit of a country bumpkin in Edinburgh last week. So many people, traffic and noise! Fortunately my good friend got me on and off buses without my getting lost and looked after me wonderfully . Some lovely green spaces there too, and we had a riverside walk and visited Arthurs Seat. Glad you enjoyed London.


  3. Aaaye, you had a good time. Yay!


  4. Nice to see someone else using a dog crate to transport chickens!


  5. Even though I was born there, I don’t think I could cope with London nowadays – too much traffic, noise, and even people, for me 🙂
    We lived back there for a few months before we moved to Wales, but were in the suburbs, so enjoyed it enough, but I guess I’ve been spoiled by our wonderful little corner, here in west Wales – you meet the most interesting people here, too 🙂


  6. It sounds like a wonderful getaway. I’ve only been to London once, back in 1989. My Aunt Alys lived just outside the city in Northwood, Middlesex.

    Your knitted cup holder is the bomb! Love that.



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