You know that feeling… there was so much delicious food, and you just couldn’t help yourself… well, you are not alone.

In the limery, sunshine entices the flies in and then they can’t get out. This mass influx gets seduced by the pitcher plants and doesn’t last long. However, I noticed yesterday that the three largest pitchers of the Sarracenia leucophylla (which I’ve only had a couple of months) were looking rather sickly:

On further investigation I discovered that they may have over-indulged as the slender pitchers are full nearly to the top:

Fortunately, new young pitchers are growing to replace these, but I think the moral of the story is ‘over-eating can be fatal’!


new growth

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  1. waiter, waiter, there’s a fly in my Sarracenia !!!


  2. Just goes to show that greed is not a purely human failing… They’ve done sterling service as flytraps, and are paying the ultimate price!


  3. I shall read this post out loud to Siddy as soon as he has finished second breakfast …….


  4. Oh dear! Those poor pitcher plants appear to have eyes (or fly-luring abilities) bigger than their stomachs! Your carnivorous plants are certainly earning their keep, though… Imagine if all those flies were still buzzing around the Limery!


  5. Oh my goodness I’ve got the giggles. I love these plants…and who knew? I know only too well that feeling. Those that moderate are surely less ample than I am. Great post!


  6. Omg!! There’s so many flies in them


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