Apple season

The time of year has come to prepare for the apple onslaught. However, this year is different. Although there will still be an abundance of cooking apples from dear ‘old faithful’ from Perkin over at High Bank, I will have a few snail-grown eaters too.


Old Faithful © High Bank Cottage

A couple of years ago we planted an Ashmead’s Kernel that came from Karuna. Janta had grafted in onto a small rootstock, so it was ideal for our garden. We planted it in the chicken patch, where there would be no weed competition and plenty of nutrient input. And we waited. Last year was too soon to allow it to produce, but this year it has thrived. I took lots of fruit off early in the season and even so two branches snapped under the weight. Now we have about 15 nearly ripe eating apples. It’s not the most visually appealing apple, but all sources I have consulted suggest that it is one of the best tasting… hopefully I will be able to report back soon, once I can work out exactly when they are ripe (any tips welcome).


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  1. Looks sufficiently appealing to me! And would be happy to turn some of them into a crumble 🙂


  2. w1nt3l

     /  September 14, 2016

    Bring on the Honey Crisp apples!!!! I love this time of year!


  3. There is nothing like fruit picked from your own tree! This is what I learned when I had two trees in my garden, they are ready when a slight twist breaks the bond between apple stem and tree. When they fall of their own accord you have waited a tad too long ……… We are just coming up to the period when good apples disappear from the market for six months


  4. How about this one:
    ‘Won’t twist away, let them stay
    Released on twist, they’re at their best
    On the ground, they’re compost bound’
    I think it sums it up. Can’t remember where I heard it, Vale of Evesham, I think.


  5. If they end up just past their best you can still do apple sauce Jan though the apple crumble is a good stand by.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx



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