Free Things Thursday: 24 November 2016

As usual I’m joining with Emily of Ms Emily’s Home for Full-Grown Nerds (note her new blog) and others for Three Things Thursday. As she says…

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

Over the past few days I’ve been testing out some crochet patterns for my friend Danielle of The Make It Shop in Manchester. There were three of them and each one made me smile

First, a bauble:imgp1105

Second, a Christmas pudding:


Third, a robin


Have they made you smile? Would you like them? Well, I’m giving them away.


Simply leave a comment below (or with a re-Tweet for my Twitter followers) and tell me one thing that’s making you smile this week and I’ll enter you into the draw to win all three of them. I’ll send them anywhere in the world, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll be with you for Christmas 2016 if you are a long way away. Entries will close at midnight GMT on Wednesday 30 November.

If you don’t win, Danielle has kits for sale in her shop to make them yourself.

So, go on, tell me what’s making you smile this week…

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  1. So cute Jan.
    The biggest thing making me smile today is that I have just joined the Gratitude Circle on Facebook. It started 3 years ago and there are now well over 10,000 members worldwide encircling the world in Gratitude. The commitment is to post each day for 40 days (until 31st Dec) something one is grateful for.
    As one of the members commented – LOVE WORKS!

  2. On Monday the weather was horrible but my home is sound and I could be warm plus I have enough food in the fridge freezer and on the shelves that even if I am snowed in for a few weeks I can eat. Actually the heating had gone wrong and it seems a new part is needed so it is not as efficient as it should be at the moment. This morning my laptop gave an ominous click when I switched it on and now says it has no hard drive (!). Neither of those things makes me happy but I AM grateful that in both cases I know who to turn to to get them fixed and I have enough money in the bank to pay for the repairs without worrying unduly. I have family, friends and neighbours who will help me – practically, emotionally or by knowing someone who… if I need it. There have been times in the past when we lived in houses that were damp and cold, when making ends meet was a real struggle and unexpected bills a worry and when our support network was less robust. I really appreciate the feeling of being safe, secure and cared for.

    • Nothing beats a sense of safety – I feel that I can cope with almost anything if I have a safe place to retreat to.
      I hope your hard disk is recoverable… Jon has retrieved precious files from dead laptops in the past, so give us a shout if you don’t have any joy elsewhere.

  3. A few small things made me happy this week – soon it’s holiday season and I have booked trips to see family and friends living far away.
    Also, I just opened an Etsy shop (although it still needs tons of work!)
    Those Xmas decorations look really cute, my fav is the pudding 🙂
    Thanks x

  4. OMGOODNESS what cute crochet …so what has made me happy this week ~ the colour of the Autumn leaves, curling up with Beloved on the sofa after a long day at ‘The Workplace’ chatting to my grown up boys about nothing important …things that don’t cost anything yet make my life complete 🙂

  5. Oh, those bits of crochet awesome definitely made me smile! So cute! 😀

    Today is Thanksgiving (my very most favorite holiday), so my brain is swirling with even more happiness and gratitude than usual. 🙂 I hope you (and all of your readers) have an amazingly awesome day!

  6. With a bit more tail feather gusto, that Robin could be a turkey. They’re really cute!

  7. You have made smile this week Jan by agreeing to test the Christmas crochet kit pattern. You were super speedy, with top crochet skills and excellent feedback. I loved that you shared what you were doing on social media and there were nice comments too 🙂
    I’m in the shop and Sue saw me adding a comment, asked “Are you trying to win your designed baubles?”. Well, that would be super-cheeky, but I did just want to leave a comment.

  8. Those a very cute baubles! I love that there are so many creative folk in the world! 🙂

  9. Those are delightful ornaments. I’m too far to send them though. I am so grateful for all the things your readers say they are grateful for. Such good reminders. Today, on this Thanksgiving Day in the US, I am grateful that my son is celebrating another birthday. He is not living close right now but soon his sister and I will call and wish him a double happy day. All those years ago, they were pretty certain he would not have one birthday. Everyday is a day of gratitude for me.

  10. I’m grateful for a post-operative toe that doesn’t hurt too much, for a chance to do *loads* of sewing yesterday, and for a change of mood and outlook to something more positive 🙂
    Lovely to talk to you yesterday my time/this morning your time xx

    • Just about to look at your latest sewing post… and then write one of my own. Yes – me – sewing!

      • I’ve seen it, and what good work!

        • Thank you – it’s always gratifying complete a successful make and this pattern turned out to be exactly what I wanted.

          • Ladies of old had a point when they put on a complete overall to do the chores in, I feel… I have a very large chef’s apron for my high-splatter activities, but yours is handsome as well as full-coverage!

          • thinking about it, my nan used to wear a housecoat with long sleeves when she was cooking/cleaning… although it may have been nylon!

          • I think ladies used to wear housework overalls in lieu of a dress to do the chores, and then changed into a dress when the work was done and they had freshened up. Nylon would have been a bit sweaty, but very easy care!

  11. Tonight I am in Wales. Need I say more?

  12. They look wonderfully festive Jan. I’m smiling this week because I think I may have turned a corner. The nebuliser is starting to work and hopefully the pneumonia i going. I could be back on my feet for Christmas and in full gift shopping mode.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. I love the pudding (even though we don’t have them in the US)! Hmmm…what made me smile this week? This isn’t very philosophical, but after too long of ordering hay for my Guinea pigs online, I found local source for hay that advocates for pet rabbits (educating owners and providing adoptions). I bought a bag, then made a “toy” by stuffing some into a paper lunch sack. The piggies went crazy for it…and later I found one passed out inside the sack. Too cute. Many smiles.

  14. intheordinary

     /  November 28, 2016

    Looking at these cheery objects made me smile :-). The biggest thing that has made me smile are actual sales in my online craft shop as well as receiving really good reviews for the products I make. In spite of chronic health issues and caring for family members with disabilities I am the sole provider for the family and to make those sales and take commissions means a great deal.

    • well done on your sales – I wish everyone would look to small crafters for their present purchases!

      • It is me San waving!!! I had replied using my word press account by mistake, doh!!

        I am sat by the fire knitting try to deal with a horrendous back spasm and general widespread pain. I am trying to plan a workable arrangement for the garden given my state of health and reading your blog is inspiring and encouraging!! So if you ever see an intheordinary you will know it’s me 🙂 x

  15. What’s making me smile? Snow on the hill tops, red sunsets and a real robin flying in and out of our local grocery shop. I also love your crochet robin.

  16. hawthorn-livelovecraft

     /  November 30, 2016

    What made me smile😊 this week? It was the silly grin on the dog’s face as it lay in a semi frozen mud puddle she’d found on a chilly but beautiful morning walk. Her usual pristine black and white state somewhat chocolatey brown in colour. She was happy, the car however needs washing now…..sigh☺

    • Well, I suppose that at least it wasn’t something dead. One of ours likes lying in rock pools on the beach… even when it’s really cold. Strange creatures 😉

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