Cream of the crop

We’ve now been getting our milk direct from Penlan y Mor for a couple of months and we are starting to get into a routine. We send a text to check it’s ok to call in, and if it is (there’s not been a problem yet) we drive down with our 10 litre churn and get it filled from the huge refrigerated tank. Once home, we decant it into glass jars for storage in the fridge or plastic cartons for the freezer.


Ready for storage

However, since the milk is so creamy, it seems silly to buy cream separately, so I’ve now started leaving the milk to settle for a couple of hours before bottling, so that I can skim some of the cream off the top:



I store this in a fancy glass jar… no particular reason, I just like it. And then we can have cream on our waffles for Sunday brunch – yum.


a little jar of cream

Now, I just need to get into a routine with cheese-making, which was the reason for getting milk from the farm in the first place…

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  1. Mmmm…that looks yummy! And definitely try your hand at cheesemaking – I never buy ricotta anymore now that I’ve learned how easy to it to make. it’s very simple to get started with soft cheeses and once you’ve gotten the hang of them, you can advance to hard cheeses. Which is now making me think it’s been far too long since I’ve made a batch of Romano.


  2. The lovely thing about buying your milk like this is that you can treat it with lactase right at the start, so all your milk, cream and cheese can be lactose free!


  3. I remember the cream on the milk before pasteurisation became the way to go. My brothers and I would love to have the first pour from the bottle onto the cornflakes, a creamy, milky delight!


  4. You and Anne and I all have the same memories–I can remember shaking the bottle up, to mix the cream in, and then seeing little flakes of cream in with my cereal.

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