Sometimes it’s good to play. So, after making some very specific items for particular reasons and to deadlines, I thought that I’d spend some time just playing with my crochet hook. I have piles and piles of yarn oddments to use up, so I’ve been trying out some new patterns and some old favourites:

They are various sizes and I plan to put them (and more) together quite randomly into a large blanket that I will donate to Knit for Peace, who can always find a good home for woolly items.

All the above are made of wool or acrylic, but I also have a bag of cotton yarn oddments. Because cotton isn’t stretchy, it doesn’t really belong in my planned blanket, so I thought I would have a go at a completely different type of square, with a view to putting lots of these together into a fancy shawl or throw. It’s not my best work, but this is what I made:


cotton square

The design is from the book Connect the Shapes. I’m rather fond of this book, particularly because it’s spiral bound, so it stays open whilst you are working from it! In addition it includes both charts and written instructions, making complex patterns easier to follow.

Now I have another specific task to get on with, but the playing has been fun…

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  1. I really like the green and white one.

  2. Love the green and white one too – is it an African flower pattern?

  3. They are lovely! And I intend to spend more time playing too!

  4. I keep forgetting I want to do this with all my leftover yarns ……… I have that book, it is my favourite and go-to crochet assist book and as you say being spiral bound makes it so friendly!! I must go and organise myself so I can make a start this evening! Thank you for the prompt!! ❤

  5. We don’t give ourselves permission to play nearly often enough. Not only is it good fun, but it is amazing to see what unfettered creativity can do, such as create your wonderfully mixed squares. 🙂

    • Today I’ve been working to finalise a crochet pattern – much concentration and grinding of teeth, but I think I’m nearly there… just some photographs to sort out. I feel sorely in need of a bit of playful activity now to recover!

  6. Play is a rich and necessary facet of our culture, and is important to our mental health. I’m glad to see you’ve been taking your medicine! By the way, did you ever read ‘Homo Ludens: a study of the Play-Element in Culture’ by Johan Huizinga, on this very subject? He wrote it in 1938 and it’s still the classic for this area of study.

  7. I really like that cotton square, both the geometry of it and the colors…

  8. I”m glad you’ve been playing with assorted yarns, and how lovely that you’ll turn these squares into a much-needed blanket for Knit for Peace. Everyone wins! You get to have fun, you’re clearing out your extras and some lucky soul will receive you warm and lovely blanket. xo


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