Crafting change

It’s been gratifying to see craft taking centre stage in world politics over the past few days… did you see all those amazing hand-crafted hats on Saturday? Knitted, crocheted, sewn, and created from plastic bags (check out Alys’ hat here). Such diversity, such individuality – so common to see if you frequent blogs like this one, but so rare to have highlighted in the mainstream media, where the most common craft stories are ‘did you know that knitting is not just for crones?’ and ‘men invented knitting, so it’s ok for them to do it now’.

Chez snail there are no pink hats – many other colours, but not pink – but the creativity is still being channelled towards social change/craftivism. Despite having treated myself to some lovely new wool on Saturday, my hook has only been employed on scrap yarn, creating more blankets for the 60 Million Trebles project (#onestitchonelife) aimed at helping refugees and highlighting the terrible situation of displaced people.

I completed one blanket over the weekend:

I had intended to move on to making something for myself, but at the moment I feel a strong need to focus on my charitable creations, so I made a start on another blanket using yet more yarn left over from previous projects. I decided to join up the squares as I went along:

But then, I got distracted and started rummaging around and pulling out my sock yarn scraps. These are too fine for the “squares blanket” above, but there are so many of them and the colours are so beautiful that I couldn’t help but start yet another :

I was trying to stick to one blanket at a time, but I’m quite happy to fail at that!


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  1. Yay!!! I love the C2C blanket you has been working on…. I started one a while ago for my sockyarn scraps. And go and make that hat… it is so much fun and just a one-day-project. I made a pink one but I really think I should make some in different colours too.

  2. These are looking so pretty!

  3. Your c2c turned out so beautiful!

  4. I love the hodgepodge look of granny squares mooshed together regardless of size. What a cool project you’ve got going on there.

    • I decided that as long as I worked in sensible multiples, putting the squares together should be quite easy, so I’m going to be doing 2 or 4 or 8 rounds. Seems to be working so far.

  5. I love your heart and your skill. I’m with you, this feels like a time to give, give and give some more. I hope you weren’t too horrified at my impromptu pink hat. I reached into the cupboard, saw the bag, tried it on my head…and the rest is history. Our local paper reported a shortage of pink yarn in all the shops as the project gathered steam. Isn’t that delightful? I like that you’ve featured the art of the craft and it’s prominence in the movement. There were so many versions of the hat too, though my favorites were worn by children under two. A-dorable!

    • I loved all the pink hats- yours included. I wish I’d known in advance so I could have made one for you… I have pink yarn in my stash. Several things struck me about the protests, but the creativity (hats and placards) really stood out – making me smile and cry. I was delighted to read of the complete absence of arrests and the stories of kindness, support and good will. I have loved seeing the pictures showing all ages, colours, genders… and all over the globe, as well as in every state in the US. Just amazing.

      • Aren’t you a dear. It would have been wonderful to have a knitted hat from your yarn stash. I know you’re putting that yarn to good use though in other ways. You have a good heart. You’re so right about the creativity. Placards, hats, decorated umbrellas, costumed dogs…all of it added up to an amazing coming together of care and creativity. Even Antarctica took part. Inspiring.

  6. I’m loving that sock yarn hooked up! You are an inspiration!

    • It’s been accumulating for ages… the plan was to make it into little stuffed hexagons and make a ‘beekeeper’s quilt’, but I lost my oomph for that project, so it’s good to find an alternative use. I do have quite a lot of the hexies, which I think I’m going to make into a seat cushion for our garden bench… I think there are enough.

  7. As we all know, I have a pink hat…. and I don’t have a crochet hook, so I can’t jump on that creative train, but I have decided there will be one more charity quilt this year on top of the one I’m already making. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all maintain the momentum to do some good with our creative urges? I’m loving your sock yarn blankie too!


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