A little vaarkery

The world has been feeling rather bleak recently, so today I decided to do something frivolous.

Arnoldo has been feeling rather down-in-the-nose recently:


oh no

So, this morning he had surgery, including temporary storage of his inners in a jug (eek!)

I’m delighted to say that insertion of some garden wire has perked him right up and he’s already been showing off his newly prehensile nose to his friends:

There is so much fun to be had with an old sock, some rice and a few random craft supplies.

If you want to make your own vaark, like Arnoldo, the pattern is in a book by my friend Danielle, which you can buy and download here.


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  1. I can see Arnoldo feels like a new man. Or should I say, a new aardvark.
    Hope your bleak passes soon. xxx

  2. Ann

     /  February 1, 2017

    Maybe you could bring some – and other items from your etsy shop (including one of your dish cloths) to the NDG?

  3. Wow, you worked some magic there Jan. Looking forward to seeing Arnoldo and co this weekend. Might Tali Molevaark wear his Daffodil head-piece as Spring is not too far away…?

  4. Stargazey Vark, looking at the sky 🙂 I hope there’s a bit of sun and a scrap of blue up there for him…

  5. From Eeyore to Tigger in minutes. Party on Arnoldo.

  6. What a handsome chappie he is now!

  7. Thank you for this post. I too am feeling bleak and this post made me laugh out loud. I am still smiling. It is the perfect antidote 🙂

  8. Laurie Graves

     /  February 2, 2017

    Oh, wonderful! Ditto for feeling bleak. Your post really perked me up.

  9. I’m sorry about the bleakness in your day. I understand. Sending you a warm embrace. Arnoldo is looking quite dashing in his new and improved wardrobe. It looks like a lovely party on the patio table. xo

  10. Oh, if it were only so easy to cheer us all up as it was Arnoldo! This did make me smile, though!

  11. This cheered me from the bleakness for a moment. I hope it doesn’t last a whole 4 years. Any day now would work for me.

  12. I’m imagining you starting a veterinary service for toy pets :)). These are very cute critters. And let’s all keep our fingers crossed that maybe the King of Bleak (aka The Orange One) won’t be around the full four years.

    • I’m not sure I can cope with 4 years… even thousands of miles away… I’ll have run out of yarn and made enough blankets, pink hats and depression-countering gifts for everyone in need… ah well at least I’m channelling my anxiety towards creativity rather than violence!

      • It is painful being an American right now…MUCH more than usual. Perhaps you crochet me a giant aspirin to take away the pain?

  13. Vaarks really do have the power to make it all better! I’m glad Arnoldo’s operation was a success. He seems to be recovering well from the experience of temporarily having his entails stored in a jug, anyway!


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