A little bit of toast

I like toast; I eat it regularly… with eggs, with beans, with jam, with cheese and just with butter. It’s great for lunch and it’s something that I crave when I have been deprived of it for a while. I like it made out of 3-day-old homemade bread and I don’t like it burnt. Making it, however, has been rather energy inefficient recently. Our old toaster was rubbish – very small and unreliable in terms of the amount of toasting achieved – so I’ve been using the grill. This is ok when I’m making lots of toast, but is highly inefficient for a single piece when I’m home alone.

So, I decided we needed a new toaster and my heart sank when I thought about all the research and trying to make the most ethical decision. BUT I very quickly came across Dualit, who make toasters in the UK that are designed to last and for which you can easily buy spares, and that come in a variety of different sizes and which allow you to select how many pieces of toast you are making so that only the necessary elements are heated each time. And I thought to myself… why isn’t it always this  straightforward to find a company who do not subscribe to designed obsolescence?

And today, when it arrived, it was packed in cardboard and paper… the only tiny bits of plastic present enclosed the delivery note and took the form of the small seals to keep the box closed. So, hurrah for Dualit and here’s to many years of happy toasting.

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  1. It’s nice to see that things are still hand built, to last, and don’t have “it’ll break in xx days” kind of designs. My first snow thrower, which was my Dad’s, lasted well over 30 years before it finally gave out (parts for repair were non-existant). My new snow thrower, not even 11 years old, has had multiple pieces replaced and an engine rebuild (aka total crap). Wish more things were made like that toaster you just purchased.

  2. Laurie Graves

     /  February 8, 2017

    My husband and I LOVE toast, and we’ll be getting a new one soon for a very special occasion. Only a toast lover will understand. Stay tuned! And here’s hoping your new toaster will give you many, many good toasts 😉

  3. I keep a toaster that will probably last my lifetime since I rarely eat bread or anything made from wheat anymore. Bread is a food that sets up a craving in my system. But I like that you can find something of quality anywhere anymore. Most have built in obsolescence.

  4. You’ll be using that till you die. Dualit have a reputation for never, ever falling apart, so I hope you really love the one you got! What I chiefly like about them is that they have a big wide slot so you can put a really chunky slice into them without having to pry out a charred mess afterwards…

  5. I propose a toast to your new toaster! It looks like a good solid piece of kit, and I was impressed at the minimal amount of plastic in their packaging, too! I’m glad to see that someone is building things that are designed to last, what a refreshing change. Enjoy!

  6. Goodness me, that is such a good thing. I agree, built in obselescence is wicked. PS , with you on the toast, having some with scrambled eggs for lunch!

  7. I love toast – but crumpets are just as good!

  8. Love to hear about things like this – better packaging, quality products, consumers researching their purchases. There’s a local group of handy folks here that you can bring your broken housewares to and they will fix them for free (well, maybe for the price of a coffee or beer). They like to tinker, so it’s a win-win situation. Still, it would be nice if more appliances were made to last for more than a few years in the first place….sigh.


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