I’ve just got back from a weekend away, meeting up with a whole bunch of people involved in permaculture. In the whole of the event, the only pictures I took were these:

Before and after shots of a mend I managed on a poncho belonging to one of the other attendees. Perhaps the metaphor is enough… let’s all try to mend the world one little hole at a time.

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  1. Laurie Graves

     /  February 13, 2017

    Wonderful metaphor!


  2. …and let’s try to do it as neatly and nicely as that mend!


  3. A good thought and a nice mend. We can all heal the world in some way.


  4. Beautifully said!


  5. I must say this is a skill i need to learn. One of my blankets has a hole right in the middle but I have been too scared to have a go at it incase I make it worse!


    • Oh, you won’t make it worse – do some running stitches round the edge to catch any dropped stitches, so that the hole doesn’t get any bigger. After that you can do some traditional darning, or you could crochet a flower or a heart or any other shape and use it as a patch sewn over the hole… make it a feature.

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