Hearts and flowers… and penguins

After completing my eighth blanket for Sixty Million Trebles, I have decided to spend some time on other creations for a while. However, before I put the whole project to one side, I decided to use up some scraps and make some hearts and flowers to attach to tags aimed at publicising the project:

I’m off on my travels again this week, so will be distributing hearts and roses far and wide. I have a few to finish off before I go, though:


Roses in the making

I would have finished them this afternoon had it not been for a request to do a quick test of a little pattern for Danielle at The Make-it Shop:


Penguin pieces

I think I positioned the wings a bit wrong, so it looks more like a purple sparrow than a penguin, but he’s a jolly little chap no matter what:


Happy penguin

It’s always fun testing out Danielle’s patterns.

Have you made anything frivolous recently?

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  1. I adore your happy penguin Jan. Thank you so much for testing it and giving us feedback on changes that were needed. I’m happy for you to share the pattern with your followers if you like.

  2. I’m busting through my stash of crochet thread on a shawl and it’s taking a LONG time. 🙂

    I made hearts like those as decorations for my (very casual) wedding.

  3. I haven’t made anything frivolous for a while… perhaps it’s time!

  4. The penguin is absolutely adorable!!

  5. I love the roses and the penguin is a cutie. It’s so satisfying to make things like that.

  6. Whether it’s a penguin or sparrow, it looks very happy – and that’s the main thing isn’t it! I’m very impressed with the amount of blankets you have made. You inspired me to use up my stash making them for people here who are in need, but I still haven’t picked up a crochet hook this year. Rather than something frivolous, it’s time for me to do something helpful!!

  7. Love the penguin!!! Yes, I’ve been busy making piglets and ducklings… madness but fun!

  8. Ahh the penguin is gorgeous!

    Nothing exciting being made just a spot of mending on 2 pairs of work trousers.

  9. Laurie Graves

     /  February 27, 2017

    Oh, my gosh! The things you make! They make me smile.

  10. I love your bird, perfect in every way.

  11. Love the hearts and flowers but the penguin is absolutely adorable. 🙂

  12. I think ‘frivolous’ knitting is the best kind. Good luck with the promo, the little hearts look great.

  13. Those flowers are stunning. And the hearts, too. I love that you plan to attach them to cards to spread the word.

    As for the penguin, please let me know if he lands in your shop. I’ll snap him up. What a cutey.


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