A kale tale

At this time of year I start to be rather unenthusiastic about one particular crop, namely kale. It’s a great thing to grow – it provides fresh greens all through the winter from just a few plants and, when freshly picked, it is tender and delicious. But, it goes on for months and so eventually the novelty does wear off.

Yesterday, however, I was inspired. I had made bread rolls and had defrosted some of the delicious pulled pork that I cooked for the winter solstice; I picked winter salad leaves from the garden, made mayonnaise using eggs from the hens and opened a jar of sweet chilli sauce made from our home-grown chillies. However, I really wanted a bit of crunch. And then it dawned on me: kale-slaw. I shredded some kale (including some of the thinner stalks, grated a carrot, chopped the top of a sprouting onion and with the addition of some of the freshly made mayo – a tasty slaw.


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  1. Tasty and nutritious! 🙂

  2. fab! they look delicious…and that’s a very creative use of Kale! I have to confess, I’m also anti-slaw, but admire your ingenuity with this one. i do love bread though…

    • The bread rolls are made using a slightly modified recipe from the new Shipton Mill book, A Handful of Flour. I have to confess, I have been much more enthusiastic about bread-making since I discovered how effective the dough hook on my Kenwood Chef is!!

  3. My current favourite way to eat kale is in a Saag Kichri-style vegetable curry, sauteed in butter with garlic, cauliflower, onion, green beans, carrots, coconut cream and curry paste. I know lots of people don’t like kale, but it’s really pretty tasty and as a curry, easy to eat plenty of it!

  4. I like the idea of your winter/spring slaw 🙂
    When we grew Kale, I’d often take out the stalk, if it was thick, then finely chop the leaves, and add it to soups or stews. That way, no matter how old it got, it was made tender, and also made a fine addition to our diets 🙂

  5. Laurie Graves

     /  March 21, 2017

    It all looks delicious!

  6. What a terrific idea.


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