Sowing and growing

Life is flourishing in the limery. Seeds that were sown a few weeks ago are developing  nicely into young plants – lettuces, tomatoes, sweet peppers and melons:

I sowed more seeds over the past few days, including the first ones outside. The latter is a pea variety called “Carouby de Maussane”, a mange tout with red flowers that is going to grow up the pea obelisk that Mr Snail created (I think most people use them for sweet peas, but I prefer to grow edibles). A few days of sunshine has given me the chance to weed one of the raised beds and that’s where the peas are.


only planted yesterday, so no germination yet


Unfortunately one of the things that is flourishing in the limery is the cluster-fly population. I really don’t want to use chemical pesticides, but the flies have arrived before the carnivorous plants are doing their stuff. However, the recent sunshine has encouraged pitcher growth and so I’m hoping that soon the Sarracenias will be munching their way through the flies. I grew some from seed last year, so I’m especially pleased to see one of the youngsters producing a vigorous pitcher already. The sundews are also showing signs of growth; in particular the Drosera dicotoma looks like it’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the very near future (I think of it as living fly-paper). The Venus fly traps are growing too, but never really earn their keep apart from providing interest!

Amongst my favourite seeds to plant are the squashes, but I’m hanging on for a few more days so they don’t get too big before it’s warm enough to plant them out. And then there’s beans and borage and all sorts of herbs…

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  1. Ann

     /  March 28, 2017

    I’m impressed. We have seedings everywhere at present, and as the kitchen & (soon to be) cloak room are emptied, and the dining room has to be emptied tonight, it will be interesting to see where they end up. Will be glad when the inside building work is done and our lovely builder starts on the foundations for The Peach House.

  2. As ever, I’m very envious of your veggie-growing skills!

  3. What a luscious space the limery is. I was about to tell you how to trap the flies, but they are not the ones my trap would be for (I checked). It looks as though you have a fabulous start on your garden. I’m hoping to get back into mine this weekend…

  4. Oh, what a wonderful time of the year. I’m always intrigued by your fly-catching plants. I hope they are earning their keep soon.

  5. It all looks so wonderful.

  6. What a pleasant hiatus in the plant kingdom before I have to return to mopping out the store room. The rain and wind continues unabated and our lowest level in the house is flooding.

    • Oh no… I hope that nothing is irreparable. It must be incredibly stressful. Fingers crossed it’s over soon and you can start getting sorted out. Fingers crossed too for restoration of the mains electricity; gosh, I hope that your mains water supply is still functional.


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