17 for 2017 – March Update

I can’t believe another month has whizzed by, but it has, so here is the March update for 17 for 2017. This is where I am so far:

Seventeen… Love Rocks or other little random yarny/sewn gifts. I have managed two contributions this month: hopefully my yarn bombing for Sixty Million Trebles reached a few people, plus I made Petunia vaark who has gone off to live with a new friend in Lancashire. This takes my total to three – I think vaarks may feature quite prominently in growing this target!

Ginger biscuits

Sixteen… batches of homemade biscuits. Four batches in March means that the annual total is already 11. The best thing to report, however, is that we have not bought any packets of biscuits at all, so there has been no palm oil consumption.

Fifteen… cheeses.  One regular hard cheese plus two alpine cheeses this month mean that the total has increased to six. The regular cheese has been waxed to allow it to mature without further intervention, but the alpine cheeses are being washed regularly with locally produced honey ale to control the natural mould growth – these are supposed to be ready to eat after six weeks.

Fourteen… pairs of knickers. Only one pair made this  month, bringing the total to six. However, I have now got some more organic cotton jersey fabric, so there’s cutting out to do.

Oh, darn!

Thirteen… mends. One pair of slippers and one pair of socks have been darned this month. I’m trying to keep on top of mends as they crop up, and this approach seems to be working well so far and I’ve now mended seven garments this year.

Twelve… letters to friends. None written this month, so the total is still six.

Eleven… new items in my Etsy shop. I haven’t added anything this month, but I have sold a couple of items, which wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t listed them in the first place! The current total is still seven.

Ten... plants given to good homes. None yet – but it looks like I’m going to have plenty surplus as the year progresses.

Nine… games of Scrabble. None yet.

Eight… meals using only our own produce. None yet, although we’ve eaten lots of kale, broccoli, mizuna and eggs from our garden!

Seven… visits to see “social media” friends. We met up with a whole bunch of Twitter friends a couple of weeks ago, taking my annual total to four. I’m currently in the process of organising a visit in April, one in May and looking at a get-together at the end of July. If all three of these work out, then that will take me to my target number.

Stripy socks

Six… Pairs of socks knitted, using at least three different patterns. I made my first pair of the year this month using my old-faithful pattern… I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to try a new pattern.

Five… book chapters written. None yet – I’m just not feeling inspired!

Four… blankets for charity; knitted or crocheted. I’d completed this target by the end of last month. I haven’t made any more in March, but various friends have given or are about to give me yarn and squares, so there are going to be more blankets in coming months.

Three… sessions in the loft, sorting out some of the accumulated ‘stuff’ up there. None, although a plan is afoot to increase storage space in the kitchen and then we can have a good sort-out of all the preserves and preserving equipment that’s up there and currently quite disorganised. I have also given away a couple of items, but I’m not being very focussed so far.


fabric for #1

Two… patterns published and on sale. No new pattern, so just the one published in January – sadly sales of that have been disappointing.

One… gardening apron. Not yet, but the fabric, chambray for the outside and poplin for the lining (not denim in the end – I had a change of heart) has arrived and this is something I’d really like completed soon because I want to use it!


So, it’s progressing well – how about your projects this year? If you have a 17 for 2017 blog post or an update on your progress, do leave a link in the comments.

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  1. It’s just as well I haven’t set myself any challenges, as they’d have been ashes on the wind this month. The weather monster gobbled up all my time, focus and energy. You, on the other hand, have been very industrious!


    • Are managing to get cleared up? I assume you are still without electricity based on the lack of a joyous blog post announcing your return to modern life. I have big plans for making things this weekend; I assume that you will still be in ‘survival mode’ as the new month arrives. 😦


      • We got it back about 2 hours ago, and I’ve been on the go ever since! I’m posting again tomorrow, and I’ll give the good news then.


  2. I had a hard time getting past the ginger cookies! I do love ginger cookies . . . But your progress on so many of these goals is impressive!


  3. I think you are doing well – don’t stress about the ‘not yets’ – the year is still young!


  4. Laurie Graves

     /  March 31, 2017

    Onward and upward! You’re making great progress.


  5. The biscuits are going great, slow and steady wins the race. Going great


  6. This is actually impressive Jan – With one quarter of the year under our belts you are achieving completion of goals already! I can relate on your disappointment re sales – not an easy thing to make! However Petunia is rather gorgeous and here you have something that will raise smiles and bring good cheer to everyone who comes across your aardvarks ❤


    • So many people told me that they wanted my bird roost pattern, but it seems that very few are actually prepared to pay for it! Never mind… I have more patterns in mind and I hope sales will improve when there is more choice.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Petunia looks a little gem.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  8. Murtagh's Meadow

     /  April 1, 2017

    Great progress. Keep up the good work.


  9. Wow, you’re tearing through your goals for 2017! After reading this I’m going to try to make more of my own biscuits – it never occurred to me that it’s the perfect way to duck out of consuming questionably-sourced palm oil, so thank you! Also, washed-rind cheese made with locally-made honey ale? YES PLEASE!!



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