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As you know from my post the other day, I am involved in putting together a craftivism display in May and I’d love you to contribute. Our theme is Crafting a Kinder World. Now I know it’s short notice, and I know that many of you live a long way away, but you can still join in. If you’d like to write a message, share a thought, send us an anecdote or provide a picture to include in the display, we’d love you to do so. Danielle has designed the card below for you to put a message onto. Simply copy the picture (or send me a request and I’ll email you the file), insert your message and email us a picture back:

InkedHeart-Hands blank

You can insert words or a picture using a computer program then send us the file, or you can print out the card, write or draw by hand and then scan or photograph it to send back to us. We will then print out your file and include it in the display.

Because I give almost all of my craftivist creations away, I’m busily making some new contributions and digging out the few old ones that I have retained. Here’s one I’m working on at the moment… it started out as a no-sew t-shirt tote bag, but I wanted to include a message, so the absence of sewing quickly went out of the window:


These bags are really easy to make (a quick internet search will provide plenty of tutorials to choose from) if you don’t decide to include a message!

Contact me using the form below if you’d like to be part of our project. I’d love as many of you to contribute as possible.

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  1. I am crocheting a blanket, and will send a picture next week sometime. Fabulous project.


  2. What a fabulous idea. If only there were more Danielle’s in the world, especially as she seems to be so good at motivating others to be involved. Then you have taken the idea out to us! I am sure there will be something heading your way from me very soon.


    • She is an inspirational lady. Sadly, she’s selling the business, but I’m hopefully that there will be other exciting creative projects once she doesn’t need to concentrate on the shop so much.


  3. Oooh, let me get my thinking cap on… I might be able to provide you with something if I can get my latest commission finished up in the next few days!


  4. What a cool idea! I probably won’t get my act together enough to contribute (hanging my head in shame) but I love the concept!


  1. ScrapHappy April | The Snail of Happiness

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