Three Things Thursday: 20 April 2017

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog [or Twitter account or Facebook page or diary or life in general] with the happy*

Inspired by Emily of Nerd in the Brain here are my Three Things Thursday.

First, fantastic flowers. The carnivores are growing great guns in the limery – some are busy producing new leaves or pitchers, but the Sarracenia leucophylla is concentrating on flowering, The deep red blooms are each atop a very long stem, towering above all the other carnivores.

Second, back to blankets. I need a bit of mindless crochet for a while to take my mind off politics, so I have got out the squares and yarn that Wild Daffodil sent me and have started creating a new charity blanket.


The colourful ones were donated and the brown ones are mine

Third, getting arty. After being inspired by some of Pauline’s doodling, I bought myself some yupo paper and alcohol inks to play with. I haven’t had much time yet, but I had fun splashing some ink about to see what it did. Since I made these, I’ve bought a few new colours and some thinner, which should allow me to get some more interesting effects…. and I haven’t even started doodling over them yet, which is the plan

So, those are three things making me smile and for which I am grateful this week. What has made you happy this week?

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  1. The flowers come in a never ending progression now. It’s good to play! I am happy/ grateful for a good nights sleep, blogging friends and the kitchen floor is clean again, well for the time being!

  2. What a lot of great color in this post! Those blooms are gorgeous! And I like the intensity of color in the inks a lot. I guess the doodling won’t show up as clearly but that saturation of color is really striking.

    • Yes, I think the blending solution will allow me to make some patterns that will be good for doodling on… the darker ones I might just leave as they are.

  3. Laurie Graves

     /  April 20, 2017

    Yes, terrific colors!

  4. I’m grateful for a good strong cup of coffee at the 1.30am start of the Husband’s day shift, I’m grateful that the latest charity quilt is almost done, and I’m grateful that the Dowager’s cat is leaving us a week from today…. I like your patterns. I bought some Sharpie pens a while ago, with the intention of doodling and then dripping alcohol on them to achieve a similar effect. Of course, I’ve done nothing with them yet!

  5. Love, love, love those colours in the inks. It will b fun to see how they turn out. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to see those crocheted squares being given some love. xx

  6. Well that made me happy! Seeing your first drops – aren’t they fun! I went bonkers a couple of weeks ago and purchased a whole lot of the latest colours to make more drops with but haven’t had any time yet to play yet. I’ve got an idea for another way to use them……… The carnivore flower is spectacular – I bet it attracts a lot of food!

    • I’m really looking forward to setting aside more time to play with my inks and see what effects I can create. It’s lovely to do something without an end in mind – just to see what happens. Thank you for sharing your creations and providing the inspiration.

  7. Oooooh, those ink-speriments you’ve​ done so far look great! I was also impressed by those carnivorous plant flowers – I’ve never seen anything like them before!

  8. I’m happy to see that your carnivores are up and doing their job. I love that deep color. I’m with you on the need for distractions from politics. I’m approaching the “bury your head in the sand” technique. Sigh.

    I’m grateful to be home after two weeks of travel, yet equally grateful *for* the two weeks of travel. I’m grateful for my beautiful spring garden and for the rain that helped deliver all this beauty.

  9. my greatest pleasure this week was learning about the concept of ‘small happinesses ‘ from my daughter…

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