Peaceful Sunday

I was going to call this “Silent Sunday” and just post some pictures of the garden after a few days of sunshine and rain. However, I went into the fruit cage to take some photos and it was anything but silent, which large numbers of bees (not one of which I was able to photograph) buzzing around the raspberry flowers. So, rather, this Sunday is peaceful and pictureful, both outdoors…

… and indoors…

I hope you too are surrounded by peace and abundance today.

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  1. Peace and abundance. love it. Yes I am enjoying both , I picked lilac, bluebells and hedge parsley and my sitting room smells divine. Love all your green goodness, no wonder the bees are so noisy.

  2. Heading out to allotment soon to sit in the apiary and do air traffic control duty. Even if they start swarming that will be more peaceful than our house which today has been a base for Green Party canvassers.

  3. Perhaps that should be Murmurous Sunday. (Don’t you just love that word…?)

  4. Peace and abundance, indeed! Woods, wildflowers and a river. I love watching your garden grow. 🙂

  5. It does look abundant! The limery is simply bursting at the seams – is there still room for you to sit and cogitate quietly amongst all the busy growing? I imagine if you could sit quietly for long enough at this time of the year you would hear the rustle of plants sprouting new leaves. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    • I could happily spend all my time sitting in the limery … there is a little table with two chairs… it’s a lovely spot for coffee and crochet!

  6. Just looking at your photos makes me feel happy 🙂

  7. Wow, look at your garden grow! What a lush and lovely spot for your coffee and crochet. As for the bees, they are hard to photograph. I didn’t realize, until a few summers ago, how little time they spend on each flower. They’re up and down and up and down and then they are off. I’ve gotten a few good pics over the years, but only because it took hundreds and finally got lucky. You sound positively relaxed. I’m happy for you.

  8. The season promises a good crop. I hope the bees keep coming.
    xxx Massive Hugs Jan xxx

    • It’s lovely to see all the pollinators – no nasty chemicals in our garden, so I guess they are happy!
      Hope all is well with you… you are on my list of people to write to, but somehow I don’t seem to have managed any letters for months. xxx hugs xxx

  9. Laurie Graves

     /  May 15, 2017

    Wowsah! What a growing, buzzing place. Wonderful!

  10. You are always stirring my pot of envy with your thriving garden. I planted my veggie starts in the garden last weekend…then a cold snap hit us, the slugs had a party, and now I’m back to empty veggie beds. Sigh. Still, my currants are doing great, and my bees are doing so well they swarmed twice last week, which means more honeybees for the world!

    • Oh it is so depressing when the slugs/weather destroy young plants… how well I know the gloom of going out in the morning to discover an entire patch gone. These days, with the limery, I am doing my best to grow plants on to be much bigger before planting out. Gardening is a high-risk occupation… just remember I’m much more likely to show my successes than my failures!


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