The Heart of Manchester

“Are you still going to Manchester?” I was asked several times last week. The answer, of course, was “yes”. Our Crafting a Kinder World event had been arranged months ago, but its timing, following the bombing earlier on in the week made it particularly appropriate and especially important for me to be there.


Ready to craft

So, on Saturday, The Make It Shop opened to welcome anyone who wanted to join us for a spot of crafting. Originally we had intended to make random gifts to hang in the community garden, round the corner from the shop and next to Chorlton library, for anyone to take. But in the end we decided to do our little bit to fill Manchester with love and so we made hearts – lots of hearts – fabric hearts, paper hearts, crochet hearts, knitted hearts, foam hearts, felt hearts, cardboard hearts, sparkly hearts. We’d also received a parcel of hearts from Solidarity in Crafting  of Leicester and these were added to our collection. Still, the intention was that they would be taken from the garden by anyone who wanted one… spreading the love even further.

We had a stream of lovely people during the day; all of them made at least one heart and some of them came with us to the garden to help with the decorating.

To begin with, there were just a few garlands on the railings:


The start of the day

But by the end of Saturday, we had a community garden filled with all sorts of hearts and flowers, just ready for anyone in need of some love to take away:

Not only that, but we also had our Kindness Tree in the shop, covered with little gifts:

So, if you are in Manchester, nip over to Chorlton and take a heart or a flower or another little gift, with love from us.


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  1. Many good stories coming out of Manchester. Well done!

  2. Horrible stuff happens, and then the sheer blinding goodness of ordinary people comes and shines a light on it and makes the darkness go away just a little.

    • Even when Danielle asked a bloke if he would mind not parking in front of the railings! He was off to the pub, but when she explained what we were doing, be moved his car.

  3. Laurie Graves

     /  May 29, 2017

    Wonderful! Your event turned out to be such a touching tribute.

  4. I hope all the hearts have helped to ease the pain.

  5. I hope they all get taken and treasured! We all need a little bit of love sometimes! I grew up just outside Manchester and have been struck by how communities have pulled together since the bombing. The intention was to disrupt lives and for the unfortunate people directly caught up in it that succeeded but it also enabled lots of people to show their love and compassion.

  6. This is the way to respond to the sick of mind and the sick of heart. I feel so very proud of you that you went to Manchester anyway and were part of this amazing display of kindness and forbearance. Thank you, from someone who wasn’t there. xo

    • It was good to go and show support. My niece lives just round the corner from the mosque that the bomber was thrown out of and I was staying in an area where his cousin who was arrested lives. Despite these connections, the place was full of friendly people all going about their business. The Mancunians I met all seemed deternied to get on with life and not be intimidated.

  7. Murtagh's Meadow

     /  May 29, 2017

    Wonderful 🙂 and well done.

  8. I love that you went and did this and there was a group of crafters on the spot. The decorations look magical on the fence of the garden. I hope they’ve all been taken home by someone!

    • Yes, I really hope that people don’t feel too embarrassed to take them… but if they stay in place for a while, I hope that they bring smiles to the faces of lots of passers-by.

  9. It must’ve felt good to have a concrete course of action and a plan, in the face of chaos and uncertainty! Even if people just took a smile away from the garden, that is significant!

    • I’m hoping that lots of visitors to the library will enjoy seeing our work, plus it’s on a very busy road and next to a pub, so the footfall past the railings is really high.

  10. Oh, it looks like it was such a good day! I’m glad it went well, and it’s been so inspiring to read all the stories of Manchester’s people pulling together after the attack last week. Well done, and the community garden looks great!

  11. PS I spotted one of my bees on the park gate as well… Thanks for getting them involved in the event! I’m happy I was able to contribute in some way even if I couldn’t be there in person.

  12. uapsnu

     /  June 1, 2017

    On that dreadful day, Manchester city became Manchester united.

  13. The hearts always outweigh the darkness. Always. xo

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