Three Things Thursday: 1 June 2017

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog [or Twitter account or Facebook page or diary or life in general] with the happy*

Emily of Nerd in the Brain originally created Three Things Thursday, but it’s now being hosted by Natalie of There She Goes. Anyway, here are my three things this week…

First, although I’ve written lots about going to Manchester already (here, here and here), I have to include it as one of the things that made me happy this week.


me at the decorated community garden

Second, a souvenir. The plan with the kindness tree was that people would both put something on it and take something away. I chose a little button heart to bring home, and imagine my delight when Danielle said “oh, I made that”.


a button heart made by Danielle


Third, this book, which arrived in the post today:



In fact, this is a double smile – the book itself and knowing that it’s also going to bring a smile to the face of Laurie.


So, those are three things making me smile and that I am grateful for this week. What is making you happy?

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  1. Three fabulous happy things. I love the button heart!

  2. Faraway friends brought closer by Skype, faraway friends coming halfway round the world on holiday and close enough to visit, and faraway family all in good health and safe, even my 94 year old Pa. I ❤ your button heart!

  3. Oh I needed this reminder to look for happy things! Perfect timing.
    My three things are a really tasty dinner, the fact that I got a workout in before work this morning, and that the office is surrounded by nature 🙂

  4. Laurie Graves

     /  June 1, 2017

    Oh, you are so right! There was a big smile on my face when I saw a picture of my book on your post. Many thanks! Also, also…so loved seeing a picture of you and that dear button heart.

  5. How lovely that you chose a heart made by your friend – and it really is such a nice thing too. I have a million buttons, why haven’t I thought to do that with them? It is a wonderful idea! And I think reading a book becomes even more special when you know the author. I have so many things that made me happy this week I can’t begin to list them – but not least of all my blogging friends who all seemed to understand what I was trying to say on my post about Orlando and who offered so much understanding, support and affection I kept on getting leaky eyes. 🙂

    • Blog friends often come through when I’m feeling vulnerable or blue. By-the-way, if I had new shoes like the ones you posted on FB, they would definitely be in my 3 things post!

      • Aren’t they just the best? And comfy too! They certainly added to my smiles – and so did a bundle of j-tabs for now I can sort and hang my stencils above my work table where I can easily reach them….. 🙂

  6. Three lovely things indeed! I’ve been so enjoying your posts from Manchester this week… And I really like your beautiful summery dress! My three things include getting a mention on your blog earlier this week, being on a creative roll all of a sudden and an upcoming visit to the countryside! Happy days 😀

    • I bought the dress to wear at a wedding last year, but I’m hoping for a hot summer so it gets lots of outings now – the fabric is called ‘A midsummer night’s dream’ I think.
      Yay for your creativity – I do hope you are going to release your bee pattern, I’m sure you’ll get lots of interest.

      • Fingers crossed for that hot summer! And as for the pattern, if I’m a good little worker bee I should have it up on the blog not this coming Tuesday but the one after 😀

  7. I loved seeing your photo today and your lovely smile and dress. What gorgeous fabric. I hope you gets lots of good weather so that you can wear it again and again.

    I’m happy to have a little kitten called Tessa nibbling her crunchies at my feet. I’m happy that both of my boys will soon be through with school for the summer. I’m also happy that I live in California where our governor makes climate change a priority.

  8. PS…and that heart! Lovely

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