Three Things Thursday: 15 June 2017

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog [or Twitter account or Facebook page or diary or life in general] with the happy*

Emily of Nerd in the Brain originally created Three Things Thursday, but it’s now being hosted by Natalie of There She Goes. Anyway, here are my three things this week…

First, a big cone of wool. Cambrian Mountains, 2.5kg.

I don’t think this does justice to its size!

Second, some little balls of wool. Various colours, all British. 50g each.

lovely colours… I chose them specially

Third, a new project. It’s called Sophie’s Universe and it’s  going to be beautiful, and it’s going to be mine!

All that I need to get started

So, those are three things making me smile this week. What is making you happy?

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  1. That looks like the start of something beautiful but fiendishly complicated. Good luck!
    I’m grateful for friends who drop by unexpectedly and brighten up the day, for affordable dental care, and for inspiration – at last – for a gift I need to make for a friend.

  2. sitting in the garden, in the current glorious weather, drinking home made cider and listening to the chickens clucking round my feet!

  3. Laurie Graves

     /  June 15, 2017

    Wool, wool, wool! I feel the same way about flowers, flowers, flowers. Happy day!

    • I could have posted some pictures of the beautiful Asparagus Pea flowers that are starting to bloom. I’ve never grown them before, but they are lovely and the pods are edible too!

  4. I am familiar with ‘Sophie’s Universe’ and would love to start working on it one day. I hope you will share your progress – it will be beautiful!!

    My week has been special, if not a little bleak weatherwise. I joined in from afar with the scattering of ashes of my friend Cynthia who passed away in Maine last December and this week her sister and some family and friends went out on a boat and scattered her ashes on the sea and had a beautiful memorial service. I am reminded of the fleeting nature of our lives and the preciousness of each one – the unique wonder of every personality, with their own story and how in the end everything falls away except the need to love and be loved. I am moved to be in a place of gratitude and gentleness.

    • Oh, how lovely. My Sophie’s Universe blanket has a link to death… I have an idea that I might ask for it to be used as my shroud when I die. It sounds morbid, but I love the idea of being wrapped up for one last time in such a beautiful creation.

  5. Oh! Sophie’s Universe! Wow! I have seen lots of them online and it is a spectacular pattern. Are the small balls of wool the colours you will be using? What a lovely palette. I’m really looking forward to hearing how you get on.

    • Yes, I originally intended to just use Cambrian Mountains wool, but then I saw those lovely colours (mainly from Woolly Knits) and decided that the combination looked great. The cream will form the main base.

  6. That is a magical project, and the colours are beautiful. Three things from me…..I saw a New Holland honeyeater in my garden the other day ~ I have never seen one here before; I am off to see my Mum today, always a treat; and yoga last night.
    Wise words from The Contented Crafter (as always), and a reminder to enjoy each day and the people in them.

    • I have had a slightly challenging week in other respects, so it’s good to focus on the positive and the wonderful people in our lives.
      I had to look up “New Holland honeyeater”, but wow! I’d be smiling if I’d seen one of those too!

  7. I like your shroud idea – thinking of using my wool stash – however that may have environmental issues!! My three things -People are so generous in so many ways – I am making inroads into the shop display issues and some good news about the Shetland project if you pick this up please contact me –Jx

  8. A new project – exciting!!

  9. Those colours looks so pretty! Your Sophie is going to look amazing 😊

    • I do hope so… I was standing in Red Apple Yarn chatting to Jude and I just kept being drawn to those colours, so I simply had to buy them. I only bought one ball of each, so I must actually get sufficient to do the whole project now I’ve chosen them.

  10. It’s always good to have a new project AND the supplies to bring it into being. 🙂

  11. Oh MY! That is one big ball of yarn! Good luck and I am so looking forward to finding out what Sophie’s Universe is! I am grateful for sunshine, water and books!

  12. I’m intrigued by the beauty and complexity of this project. And i don’t think it’s morbid at all to be wrapped in that blanket at the end of your days. I just hope those days are far in the future.

    I’m grateful to have my son home from college for the summer and for the light and love a tiny kitten has brought into our world. I’m grateful for the love of my family, too.

  13. Oooh, have fun! I’ve seen pictures of Sophie’s Universes on other people’s blogs in the past, it’s an amazing pattern!

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