We have a winner!

What with one thing and another, I’m a little behind with blog housekeeping. Maybe you have been waiting on tenterhooks to know whether you are going to be the lucky recipient of the ‘Ditch the plastic bag‘ bag and wondering if I have completely forgotten. But fear not, all the names were entered and Mr Snail acted as the independent adjudicator and made the draw.

Just to remind you, it was the chance to win this ‘bag with a message’, which I made for our craftivism exhibition in Manchester in May:


the prize

So, drum roll please … the winner is…

Laurie Graves


It’s lovely that Laurie won, because she contributed a captioned picture to the craftivism exhibition . Laurie’s flower photographs are just beautiful and I love reading her descriptions of life in Maine; you can check out her blog, Notes from the Hinterlandhere.

Laurie, if you let me have your address, the bag will be winging its way to you very soon… I hope that it gets plenty of use for biscuit/cookie transportation!

As for everyone else, sorry you weren’t lucky this time, but I have plans for another give-away quite soon.

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  1. Congrats to the winner!


  2. Giveaways are so much fun!! 🙂


  3. Lucky Laurie! I am sure she will put it to good use.


  4. Yay, Laurie! It was a great giveaway, Jan!


  5. Laurie Graves

     /  June 19, 2017

    Wowsah! What a way to start the week! So looking forward to receiving this snappy bag and using it to carry bisuits (or cookies, as we call them) and tea. Many, many thanks!


  6. Congrats Laurie!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats to Laurie!!! That bag looks particularly proud when its full. Nice picture of it chock full.


  8. I love it that she won. I don’t have to make any. Have been collecting them from bookstores where ever I traveled for years. They are more sturdy than most and work wonderfully for carrying heavy loads. I haven’t needed paper or plastic since stores started letting us bring our own. Growing up in Germany, we always used our own bags.



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