Despite the weather…

It’s been a very mixed summer so far – alternating sunshine and rain with some strong winds thrown in. We are getting reasonable crops from the garden, including this first harvest of heritage French beans:


we ate them last night: they were tender and delicious

But, in these uncertain conditions, the limery is coming into its own. Not only does it provide us with a bright, dry place to sit even when the weather is less than summery, it’s also giving us beautiful flowers and crops that need the warmth.

And on days when there is a glimmer of sunshine, we get rainbows from Pauline’s light catcher… every home should have one (really, I mean it… head over to her blog and commission one).


my light catcher is full of charms of personal significance (you can read about it here)

Of course, sometimes there are also rainbows in the sky:


this is one from last week


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  1. I think we all have limery envy now!!! Very impressive!


  2. I remember how you were worried that it was going to eat into your growing space too much. Now look at it! Festooned with flowers, decked with melons and glittering with light…


  3. Laurie Graves

     /  August 2, 2017

    Yes! Limery envy. I can see why you love it so much. Beautiful!


  4. You certainly know how to make a case for limeries. We had a rainbow this week, always so exciting to see one, but then I have a very sheltered life.


  5. I love your limery! How amazing to have a place to not only shelter from the wet and cold, but to grow amazing food crops and flowers. I love that dash of bright pink, too, which I’m assuming is netting holding the weight of the fruit. Delightful.


  6. Jan, that’s such a nice shout out – thank you. 🙂 It’s lovely to see the catcher surrounded by real flowers and to know it is still sparkling and doing its job. Your limery is a wonder – it always looks as if it is full of life and produce and colour. Yes, we should all have one, but for those of us who don’t it’s so nice to be able to share in yours now and again!


  7. Annie

     /  August 2, 2017

    And you inspired to get our Peach House, which is also a wonder. It’s functions include a space for growing, sitting, drying, storing and enjoying.
    So we got our damp tent (this is a 12′ diameter canvas bell tent, not a plastic pop up) dry in 2 days, most of the washing goes out there if we are in any doubt.
    We sit out and enjoy the warmth, even on a dull day – but it doesn’t get hot on a hot day.
    We have peppers ripening – about the same as yours,
    and it is such a relief to NOT have to carry the heavy reenactment baskets upstairs.
    What are the pink flowers BTW?


  8. I’m so glad the limery is turning out to be so pleasantly useful. I remember it’s long construction. As for the light catcher, I agree. All those little rainbow comets on the walls are something everyone should have and I like my charms as well!



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