Three Things Thursday: 3 August 2017

It may be raining outside, but there are still things to make me happy.


wind and rain outdoors… a jungle inside

My weekly exercise in gratitude – three things that are making me smile – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog [or Twitter account or Facebook page or diary or life in general] with happiness.

First, fourteen months of Three Things Thursday. I thought I was coming up to my one year anniversary of this weekly post, but I’ve just checked and I wrote my first regular post (there were occasional ones before) on 2 June 2016. I haven’t missed a week, so that’s 63 posts, which equals 189 things that have made me smile… talk about ‘counting your blessings’!


one ordered, one found whilst browsing

Second, our library. In our small town there is a little library. Although it can’t house huge numbers of books, it’s easy enough to order a book from elsewhere in the county, and it will arrive within a few days. I used to be a big book-buyer, but joining the library means that I can reduce consumption and check out books that I may eventually want to buy.



pretty dress… with pockets

Third, pockets. Last year I had a dress made for me and I specifically requested that it have pockets, because it’s one of the features I look for in my clothes. Women’s clothes often do not have pockets and the history and politics (yes, politics) of this is fascinating…. what could we be hiding in there? If you want to read a bit more, you could start here. Anyway, my clothes are generally pocketed, and those that aren’t, I have plans for.


So, those are three things making me smile this week. What is making you happy?


Emily of Nerd in the Brain originally created Three Things Thursday, but it’s now being hosted by Natalie of There She Goes.

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  1. I simply won’t buy trousers without pockets…. I like a breast pocket on shirts so I can stick my sunglasses in it when I go inside. If I make myself a garment, it will ALWAYS have capacious pockets. Mens’ clothes are always well equipped. Why is it then, I wonder, that I end up carrying the Husband’s wallet and phone in my handbag when we’re out together…? He always has at least 5 or 6 pockets at his disposal. Still, it is safer. They don’t get put down somewhere and lost if I’m carrying them. Trusted pack-pony, that’s me….


  2. With you Kate on this one. i am the muggins on holiday lugging round the passports etc. Pockets are indeed very vaulable as are hoods on coats. Mr E has a rucksack now, I had to make the straps longer but now he can carry his own paraphenalia. Three things I am happy about. It’s our wedding anniversary this week, 43 years! oh my golly gosh! I have stitched the zip!! Oh and hurrah for Libraries Jan, so glad you are using yours now. So hurrah for my current book which is The Crowded Street by Winifred Holtby.


  3. I actually wear men’s pants when I can find some that fit. Exceptional pockets! Interesting article. Thanks for that link.


  4. Laurie Graves

     /  August 3, 2017

    189 things that made you smile! Yay! Also a big yay for libraries and pockets.


  5. I remember from long ago that without thinking I bought a pair of trousers without pockets and found I didn’t like wearing them due entirely to that fact – I hadn’t thought about pockets much at all before that experience. The politics is interesting isn’t it.


  6. Very interesting about the politics of pockets . I started buying men’s pajama bottoms because of the pockets for my cell and tissue . They don’t normally have them in women’s pj’s . I don’t buy anything if it has no pock and men’s are deeper and more substantial than women’s . Glad you have rain. It’s hot and smoky here from fires in Britain Columbia drifting south . Congrats on the 14 months. I love libraries too but happy to have my own right now as no is going out unless it’s essential .


  7. I’m on my own here with pocket aversion. If I have pockets I don’t actually put anything in them apart from my hands which then might stretch out the fabric or spoil the line. When I make clothes I nearly always leave out any pockets in the pattern. Takes all sorts I suppose.
    I would use the library more but I don’t read very well in French so I wait until we have a fund raiser for the doggies and stock up on the English contributions to the book stall 🙂


  8. Well done you for managing so many Happiness posts – it’s a really good aim in life, to find that little something that can make you happy, isn’t it? 🙂

    I don’t blame you for enjoying our local library, either, as, before I got housebound, I practically haunted the place, and must have read almost every book they had there – including the children’s section, which I’ve always enjoyed. There’s something about the smell of so many books all gathered together that I’ve always loved, and I’ve found so many places of happiness inside them 🙂

    Thanks for the link to the pocket history of Pockets, btw – it’s a facinating article, and I learned something new – something I try to do every day 🙂

    It’s always been a bit of a bugbear for me, when finding something I’d love to wear, and discovering it doesn’t have pockets! I’m so VERY glad to have been born when pockets are the norm for women 🙂


  9. It’s so interesting about the pockets! I’m the same, I have to have pockets. I really don’t like not having them and I find it so silly that some women’s clothes don’t. Very cool to finally understand why!



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