Bye-bye blankets

Over the past nine months or so, I’ve been contributing to the Sixty Million Trebles Project – highlighting the plight of the sixty million refugees in the world (in fact, there’s now more than sixty-five million). The idea was to make blankets to send to refugees and for each stitch (a standard UK crochet stitch is called a ‘treble’) to represent one refugee. Three knitting stitches are equivalent to one crochet treble… you can, therefore, perhaps begin to imagine the huge amount of work that has gone into this.

Originally, the plan was to create a world record-breaking blanket. However, it gradually dawned on the group that the blankets were actually desperately needed by displaced people and so it was agreed that we would set aside the world record attempt and get the blankets to where they would keep people warm. Boxes and boxes have already gone to Syria to a hospital caring for premature babies, but the main bulk of the blankets are destined to travel to those in need later this month. So, feeling a little sad at seeing them go, I’ve just completed my last ‘refugee blanket’ and packed up my final three (totalling 97,258 trebles) to go off to one of the big collection points.

Prior to this, I’d made eight smaller blankets (plus a bigger one that went to a different charity – Knit for Peace) and these had already been dropped off in person at one of the collection points. Here they all are (as well as one of those in the current batch):blankets

The grand total for the 60MT project so far is 55 million trebles, so you can see how close we are. After this big dispatch, further blankets are destined for various UK charities as it was agreed that we also wanted to support people in need closer to home.

For now, though, I’m going to concentrate on some personal projects and finishing some neglected WIPs*


* WIP = Work In Progress


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  1. Well done! They are lovely and I hope they will take messages of love as well as warmth to those who receive them. What a lovely project.

  2. Murtagh's Meadow

     /  August 6, 2017

    Very well done. A great achievement for a very worthy cause.

  3. What a wonderful contribution you have made – the world needs more people like you! xo

  4. What a wonderful idea and you have truly made a great impact with your contributions.

  5. That’s one awesome great box full of hugs. Well done…

  6. Oh wow! That is wonderful, and an impressive effort. It is good to know that the agony of refugees will be eased a little.

  7. What a great project!

  8. Such an amazing project. And your blankets look lovely, I’m sure they will be cherished

  9. That’s nearly a million trebles you have added to their total – some achievement! I am thinking something like that the one with the nine big squares at the centre might be the easiest (for me) to start off with.

  10. Well done you!

  11. Laurie Graves

     /  August 7, 2017

    Wow, wow, and wow! Very impressive!

  12. Well done – it must have been hard to part with all those stitches but very rewarding to know they will bring comfort to somebody, somewhere.

  13. What a wonderful cause! Fhey are all so lovely!

  14. Well done, you! That’s an awful lot of good put into the world 🙂 I love it when crafting can help other people as well

  15. Jan, you’ve made a wonderful contribution to this project as well as educating those of us that didn’t know what the trebles stood for. Thank you for all you do. The number is staggering. I need to step up my game and learn to crochet with a purpose. xo

  16. Wow! That’s a massive effort. Well done to you and everybody involved.

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