Ruby Tuesday

Last autumn my friend @CambridgeGoats (not her real name) introduced me to the joys of steam-juicing and, as a result, I ended up buying a Mehu Liisa. By the time I got it, the only fruits that I had in abundance to juice were apples. We are still enjoying the results, although we’ve now consumed all the apple and ginger juice and there’s only plain apple juice left.

Today I decided to have a go with some of the red currants that have grown so well this year. I didn’t have enough to fill the whole basket, but as it was an experiment, I was happy to try with a small amount and to include the last of the frozen ones left over from last year (it’s always good to rotate your stock).

This method of juicing is single-step – it produces hot liquid, which can be drained straight into hot, sterilized bottles, ready for storage once cool.

The juice is very tasty and a beautiful ruby red colour, as you can see from the first bottle.

Now, I wonder how it mixes with white wine… or fizz…

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  1. I think it would go exceptionally well with white wine or fizz. Cheers!

  2. … or vodka? I’ve never been tempted by juicers of any kind, I prefer my fruit with its natural roughage, but what a clever idea this one is!

    • It’s really just another way to deal with a glut of fruit – I eat bottled apples almost every day of the year, so this is another way to make use of something that would otherwise just be composted… and it’s SO easy. I don’t do any other sort of juicing.

  3. Laurie Graves

     /  August 8, 2017

    Very pretty! Let us know how it goes with white wine or fizz.

  4. Murtagh's Meadow

     /  August 8, 2017

    What an amazing colour. Do you have to add much sugar to keep the juices long?

    • Not much sugar at all – a single cup of sugar if the basket is full, and it has an 11 litre capacity. As long as everything is sterilised and the bottles are sealed hot the juice lasts ages (if it gets a chance)

      • Murtagh's Meadow

         /  August 9, 2017

        Really interesting – must look into this. Thanks you:)

        • When I did the calculations, I realised that it would pay for itself in the first year of use. This has turned out to be the case: I juiced loads of apples last autumn which cost nothing and which mean we have bought no fruit juice for nearl a year.

  5. I bet it’s fabulous with fizz and maybe fizz and gin. I prefer my white wine unadulterated, but that juice would certainly give it a bit of color…

  6. What a wonderful contraption! Enjoy it however you take it ❤

  7. Ooh, some of that, some ice, some bubbly and this heat wave would be so much more tolerable.

  8. Oh my that looks very tasty, with a bit of gin maybe…

  9. I bet it’s fabulous with fizz and maybe fizz and gin. I prefer my white wine unadulterated, but that juice would certainly give it a bit of color…

  10. What an amazing contraption! I hope you like your new beverage. It looks like an efficient way to gather all that juice.


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