Three knits

For the rest of the year in terms of knitting and crochet I’m focusing on completing projects, using up yarn that I already have in my stash… much of which was bought with specific projects in mind. So, in order to keep track of what I’ve achieved, I plan to share regular pictures of my progress (possibly in the form of WIP Wednesdays, but I may not be that organised/productive). Today, I give you one skeleton hat pattern test, the first of the honeycomb cables socks nearly finished, and the back of the golden spikes jumper completed.

Strangely it’s all knitting, but I do need to make some bird roosts, as I’ve sold out of one design in my etsy shop and so some crochet is in the offing. I have a couple of train journeys in the next few days so I’m hoping to make progress on the second sock.

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  1. I adore your knitted skeletons, and I’m so glad you’re working on a pattern for them – it would be sad if no one else could play with them too!


  2. coppicelearner

     /  September 13, 2017

    Funnily enough someone mentioned this morning that the gremlins only ever eat one sock of the pair that went in the wash – it seems that they often get knotted in 2 phases. Last night I started on a second weeks after finishing the first. Maybe there is a connection?


  3. Well I’m impressed! Still loving those socks 🙂


  4. The skelton looks really good. Hope you get the sock done on your adventures.


  5. Oh I love the skeleton! I’ve never seen anything like that before



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