Working Wednesday #7

This is my weekly post as I work through the yarn in my “collection” (not stash – thank you Sue). I have only worked on two projects this week, both socks, and one of those did require some more yarn to be purchased:

I have completed one of Mr Snail’s wellie socks and the other one is progressing very nicely. In the end I had to order the yarn from the manufacturers and it looks like I bought a ball too many (even though I got the amount suggested on the pattern). I might, therefore, make a matching hat and/or fingerless mittens  to go with the socks.

The stripy sock (for me) I was working on last week has also grown, and I have turned the heel. This is the first of the pair.


I’m loving these colours

Once both these pairs are done I will have completed my target of making six pairs of socks this year… although I’m very likely to make one more before we reach 2018 as I’d like another thick pair of socks for myself and I want to have another a go at a Norwegian design with the remaining Norwegian wool in my collection (I made a pair a while back).

So, that’s my progress this week. Have you completed any projects? Are you working on anything interesting?




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  1. Like you I am making socks. The pattern is one I have used before but I started doing a different rib and decided not to bother undoing it so it wil be modified! I also made a dishcloth to replace one which has disintegrated. So nothing exciting. But my daughter loved the jumper I knitted from my ‘made up’ pattern based on Rose’s so as soon as I can buy the yarn I will knit her one.


  2. You’re doing a lot better than me. The only vaguely creative stuff I’ve only managed to do is sew some rally badges onto my motorbike jacket and make some bread…


  3. Lovely socks. I am nearly finished on the matinee jacket and going great guns on the crochet blanket. I should have a finish next week.


  4. I have made a pile of dishcloths, which I find strangely satisfying, and am starting on a stitching santa project (which is a secret of course!)


  5. Dishcloths and face cloths – now there is a thought! I’ve worked another four hours on the giant painting and it’s still not finished. I’ve potted up the tiny courtyard and spent hours watering it as we are having a mini heat wave…… I’m making more cards to give as gifts. And I’m ready to start something sweet and simple with the crochet hook…..


  6. I made a list of all my projects… that was a project in itself!


  7. Ann Pole

     /  November 1, 2017

    We love the dish cloth you made too, and will order another at some point. I think knitting our own socks is something I’d like to add to my bucket list. 🙂



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